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July is Parks and Recreation Month

NRPA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing park, recreation and conservation efforts, celebrates the 30th anniversary of Park and Recreation Month with video, events and more.

This July, in honor of the 30th anniversary of Park and Recreation Month, NRPA and their members are celebrating the powerful impact community parks and recreation can have in everyone's lives.

First celebrated in July 1985, Park and Recreation Month was created to promote the importance of parks and recreation in health and wellness, conservation, and social equity, and to recognize the thousands of park and recreation employees that maintain our nation's state, local and community parks.

"During the past 30 years, parks and recreation have taken on more diverse and more essential tasks in the communities they serve," said Barbara Tulipane, President and CEO of NRPA. "In 2015, we want everyone to know that park and recreation agencies are more than programs, facilities and open spaces--they are true change agents, transforming communities and the lives of those they serve."

To showcase this impact, NRPA has released a short animated video and corresponding infographic titled "Power of Parks" that illustrates the extent to which parks and recreation positively impact our economy, environment, health, communities and more. View the video and infographic at

Park and recreation departments across the country will be celebrating Park and Recreation Month's 30th year in numerous ways, including 1980s-themed events and activities. NRPA encourages all people to get out to their nearest parks or recreation facilities and kick-it old school by enjoying some retro activities. A national list of Park and Recreation Month celebrations can be found at

For more information about Parks and Recreation Month, visit

Association news and events are listed at To view the calendar of upcoming events, visit, go to the "Associations/Events" tab and click on "Search for Events."

If your association has news and/or events that you would like featured on, please send your information via email to

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