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ULI Receives Grant from the Colorado Health Foundation

The ULI, an organization that provides leadership in the responsible use of land, has received a grant to support the Healthy Corridors project, the America in 2015 survey, and forums focused on the intersection of food, health, and real estate

The Urban Land Institute has been awarded a $170,000 grant from the Colorado Health Foundation to continue its support for the Institute's Building Healthy Places Initiative, which seeks to engage ULI's global networks to shape projects and places that improve the health of people and communities worldwide.

The grant will support three efforts within the Initiative:

The Healthy Corridors project seeks to leverage the land use and urban development expertise of ULI's 34,000-plus members to provide guidance on transforming isolated, auto-dependent commercial arterial roads and commercial strips centers into safe and healthy corridors. The project will develop a typology of a holistically healthy corridor to serve as a nationwide model.

The America in 2015 survey is a national survey of U.S. adults to gauge views and expectations about community, housing, and transportation, with an enhanced focus on health and safety, social equity and affordability, and other core issues to ULI's Building Healthy Places Initiative.

A series of forums focused on the intersection of food, health, and real estate will convene ULI members, the public health community, and other stakeholders to explore how healthy food providers, including grocery stores and farmers markets, can serve as drivers of economic development, revitalization, and place-making. The Colorado Health Foundation will be an equal partner in co-chairing and developing content for these forums.

"Our renewed partnership with the Colorado Health Foundation will allow ULI to significantly expand the reach of the Building Healthy Places Initiative, which seeks to promote physical activity, access to fresh food, and other healthy lifestyle choices through innovative urban design and development," said ULI Global Chief Executive Officer Patrick L. Phillips.

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