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CLASS Fund Distributes First Ever
Research Grant!

CLASS Fund, a nonprofit organization, which provides scholarships for landscape architectural, horticultural, and irrigation science students, has announced the winner of their first ever Research Award, which was given to Bo Yang (left), principal investigator at Utah State University. His co-principal investigator, Shujuan Li (middle) and Hailey Ann Hall, a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture student (right) will assist with the research.

The California Landscape Architectural Student Scholarship Fund, better know as CLASS Fund, has announced the winner of their first ever Research Award with CELA, which was given to Bo Yang, a principal investigator at Utah State University. Mr. Yang won the award for his submission - Green infrastructure design for stormwater quality and climate change resilience: Monitoring and modeling study in semiarid environment.

Dr. Yang's co-principal investigator, Dr. Shujuan Li, also of Utah State University, will assist with the research, as well as Hailey Ann Hall, landscape architecture student at the university. The award-winning proposal will monitor stormwater quality in Utah's largest green infrastructure community development, with the intention of developing a SWMM land use/hydrologic model that simulates climate change resilience of this community. The study contributes to the research portfolio of GI performance in a semiarid environment.

"My sincere appreciation also goes to the CLASS Fund committee," said Yang. "Thank you for your gracious support on this research project. Hailey Wall (BLA junior) has already presented research on Capitol Hill in Salt Lake City last month, based on the preliminary results of this project. We look forward to disseminating the results in conference presentations and journal publications. CLASS Fund will greatly enhance our research capacity."

Bob Cardoza, Committee Chair at CLASS Fund said, "The CLASS Fund selection committee members congratulate you and the Department of Landscape Architecture/Environmental Planning at Utah State University, as the winner of the 2015 CLASS Fund Research Grant Award. The selection committee was very impressed by the thoroughness of the application in addressing the goals and objectives of CLASS Fund to advance the body of knowledge for the landscape industry. We look forward to the final product submitted in your research report."

The 2015 Class Fund selection committee was comprised of: Charlene M. LeBleu, CELA Vice President for Research and Committee Chair; Ming-Han Li, Member, CELA Standing Committee on Research; Bob Cardoza, CEO Nuvis, CLASS Research Grant Chairperson; Marty McPhee, ParkWest, VP of Sales & Marketing, CLASS Fund representative; Andy Bowden, Principal at Land Concern, California ASLA Trustee CLASS Fund representatives, and Pat Taylor, CELA Executive Director.

The goal of this annual Research Award is to advance the body of knowledge for the landscape industry. The award supports scholarships and research among academic units in landscape architecture, horticulture and related fields, both in California and in other states, provinces or jurisdictions in which the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture, CELA institutions are located.

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