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National Complete Streets Coalition Releases 2014 Report

The National Complete Streets Coalition recently released its report on 2014's Best Complete Streets Policies, which lists communities that have adopted these guidelines.

The National Complete Streets Coalition, a program by Smart Growth America, has released its 2014 Best Complete Streets Policies, which reports on 74 communities that have adopted these guidelines. These laws, resolutions, and planning and design documents encourage and provide for the safe access to destinations for everyone, regardless of age, ability, income, or ethnicity, and no matter how they travel.

Nationwide, a total of 712 jurisdictions have Complete Streets policies in place, including 30 states, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. Fifty-eight regional planning organizations, 58 counties, and 564 municipalities in 48 states have adopted such policies to create safer, multimodal transportation networks.

The National Complete Streets Coalition examines and scores Complete Streets policies each year, comparing adopted policy language to the ideal. Ideal policies refine a community's vision for transportation, provide for many types of users, complement community needs, and establish a flexible project delivery approach necessary for an effective Complete Streets process and outcome.

Different types of policy statements are included in this examination, including legislation, resolutions, executive orders, departmental policies, and policies adopted by an elected board.

Eleven agencies led the nation in creating and adopting comprehensive Complete Streets policies in 2014. These policies are a model for communities across the country.
1. Ogdensburg, N.Y.
2. Troy, N.Y.
3. Lakemoor, Ill. (tie)
3. Dawson County, Mont. (tie)
3. Austin, Texas (tie)
6. Acton, Mass. (tie)
6. Middleton, Mass. (tie)
6. Reading, Mass. (tie)
6. Salem, Mass. (tie)
10. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (tie)
10. Stoughton, Mass. (tie)

The National Complete Streets Coalition ranks each year's new Complete Streets policies to celebrate the people who developed exceptional policy language and to provide leaders at all levels of government with examples of strong Complete Streets policies.
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