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ARCSA Announces New Board & Committee Members

ARCSA, the association that promotes sustainable rainwater harvesting practices, has announced the new board of directors.

The American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association has announced the new board of directors. Results of the election are as follows:

President, David Crawford, Virginia
Vice President, Mark Pape, Texas
Secretary, Neal Shapiro, California
Treasurer, Joe Wheeler, Texas
Assistant Treasurer, Mark Pape, Texas

John Hammerstrom, Florida
Denis Rochat, Tennessee
Charlee Myers, New Mexico
Jeffrey Hutcher, California
Martin Morganello, South Carolina
Robert Woodland, Ontario, Canada

Committee Members
Public Communications and Relations Committee Chairs, Neal Shapiro (California) & John Hammerstrom (Florida)
Governance Committee Chairs, Mark Pape (Texas) & Joe Wheeler (Texas)
Funding, Financial, & Strategic Planning Committee Chairs, John Hammerstrom (Florida), Denis Rochat (Tennessee) & Mark Pape (Texas)
Membership Committee Chair, Martin Morganello (South Carolina)
Education Committee Chair, Tim Pope (Washington)
Conference Committee Chair, Robert Woodland (Ontario, Canada)
Codes Committee Chairs, Jeffrey Hutcher (California) & Neal Shapiro (California)
Regional Reps Committee, Charlee Myers (New Mexico)

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