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PLANET is Rebranding

As a way to better suit the needs of members, PLANET, the national trade association that represents more than 100,000 landscape industry professionals, will be "rebranding" in the coming year.

The Professional Landcare Network recently announced to members that they will be "rebranding" the association; these plans even include an update to their name.

In a letter to members, Jim McCutcheon, the association's president said, "We have completed extensive industry and member research to develop a new brand that will help us aggressively advocate for and promote our industry in a way that we believe will benefit all member companies.

"Our board of directors recently voted to adopt a new name and brand platform for our association. It will be announced it in late February at our Great Escape executive conference and retreat, so we hope you can join us in the Bahamas and be the first to see the new brand and our vision for the industry. The new brand elements will also be shared with you through member toolkits, which will be available on both the rebranding page as well as in the Member Center.

"Even though we will introduce the new brand in late February, we will not officially begin using it until April 2015, giving you time to learn about the new brand and to add it to your company materials during the month of March. We understand that it takes time to make changes, so we are not requiring members to immediately replace the logos on their websites, etc. We do hope you will find the new brand beneficial for client relations and you will want to make that change when it is appropriate in your business cycle.

"Our new branding is more than just a name; it is keeping us focused on the things that are most important to members. Over the next year or two, you will see the new branding rolled out more deeply in our programs and services, but our association will still be the same organization you have come to know and value, working hard to help you meet your business challenges. We are more committed than ever to supporting landscape and lawn care member companies and uniting and advancing the interests of our industry."

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