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ACP Supports New California Bills

The ACP, the state chapter of the US Composting Council, has announced its support of recently signed bills, AB 1826 and AB 1594, which will reduce the disposal of organic waste.

The Association of Compost Producers has announced its support of recently signed bills, AB 1826 and AB 1594, which were signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. These bills will help build compost markets in Calif. and will reduce the disposal of organic waste.

o AB 1826 (Wes Chesbro) will require businesses to separate their food scraps and yard trimmings for composting or anaerobic digestion.
o AB 1594 (Das Williams) will eliminate a loophole in state law that allows some yard trimmings and prunings that are used as landfill cover to count as being diverted from landfills.

In regard to the newly signed bills, ACP executive director, Dan Noble said, "We want to thank both of the sponsors of these bills, Assembly Members Wes Chesbro and Das Williams, for drafting and leading these bills to the Governor's desk. As well, we thank Governor Brown for having the insight and leadership to make this legislation the new law of the land. This is good news for Californians, for our state's environment and for many existing, and future, California compost producers."

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June 25, 2018, 11:00 am PDT

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