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GLENDORA, Calif. - Rain Bird(R) Corporation, will salute the Earth's most precious resources while encouraging "Children's Dreams, Wishes and Imaginations" to run wild with its 2003 float entry titled "Water Wonderland." The float will depict an array of African animals gathered around a watering hole, featuring a family of magnificent elephants playing with their young. The float will also boast a display of newborn giraffes, baby zebras and native birds, set against a magnificent waterfall. Animal enthusiasts Jack Hanna and Walter C. Crawford, Jr. will be on board, as well as a rare and endangered species of bird selected from the World Bird Sanctuary. Rain Bird Corporation has enjoyed tremendous success since it's first Tournament of Roses Parade entry in 1997, winning awards every year, including the coveted Sweepstakes Trophy in back-to-back years twice (1998, 1999 and 2001, 2002).

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