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LOL Relaunches: Enter your Company in the Database--1st in, 1st seen The big news: has officially launched its newly revamped website. Be the first to log on to the new "" and enter your firm . . . for FREE . . . into the National "Find A Pro" Database. If you opt to have the site linked to your company's own web site, then the first one to sign up will always be the first one displayed in your telephone's Area Code! All you have to do is go to and hit the "List Your Company" link. From there, fill out the information, including your areas of expertise, and your company will be added to the LandscapeOnline "Find A Pro" database. Vendors too--Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Growers and Retailers--You can list your company in the National "Product Search" database--for FREE! Attention Associations--You too can list your association and all of your national, state and/or local events for (you guessed it) FREE! Linked listings are all based on a first come first displayed format, so if you are the first to list your company and link to your website, you will always be the first to be displayed in the searches. already features more than 500 manufacturers, contains virtually every article to ever appear in LASN and LCN, and now has a detailed and searchable Association listing, Calendar of Events, a full Classifieds section, a Letters to the Editor section, a nationwide design services directory, a national database for construction services, a complete database of turf farms, nurseries, wholesale outlets, manufacturers representatives, and retails stores and does the dishes after dinner . . . OK, the last one is an exaggeration, but all of the rest is there for use by Developers, Municipalities, and virtually all of your current and potential clients whether you are a Landscape Architect, Landscape Contractor, Consultant, Hydroseeder, Pool Installer or supplier to the trade or supplier to the end users. I guess that means that virtually everyone working in, on or with the landscape industry had better log on to and feel FREE to get as much out of it as possible.

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February 17, 2019, 11:19 pm PST

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