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Irrigation Association

Phil Burkart

Irrigation Association welcomed new board leadership during the General Session of the 2011 Irrigation Show and Innovations in Irrigation Education Conference. The following members represent the new IA Board of Directors: President Phil Burkart, The Toro Company (Riverside, Calif.); President-elect Bob Dobson, Middletown Sprinkler Co. (Port Monmouth, N.J.); Vice President Warren Thoma, Warren Thoma and Associates (Crystal Lake, Ill.); Treasurer John Vikupitz, Netafim USA (Fresno, Calif.); Past President Mark Huntley, John Deere Water (San Diego, Calif.)

Bob Dobson

Warren Thoma

John Vikupitz

Mark Huntley

''As a board, we represent all facets of the irrigation industry,'' said Burkart, 2011-2012 board president. ''In the year ahead, the board will increase its focus on IA's core strategic initiatives - education, certification, government affairs and standards - and follow through on the mission of promoting efficient irrigation technologies, products and service while working toward our vision of being the recognized authority on irrigation.''

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January 20, 2019, 6:08 am PST

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