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Firms of San Diego

Editor, Stephen Kelly

With the ASLA Expo/annual meeting in sunny San Diego, Calif. this year, LASN is pleased to present the landscape architectural work of "Firms of San Diego."

LASN invited San Diego area firms to introduce themselves, tell us about their work and show us the finished results. We let the firms "speak for themselves," although we had to shorten some copy to fit the space. You'll note we also included a few firms from south Orange County, an area about an hour drive north of San Diego. We even slipped in one firm from Los Angeles for good measure.

LASN greatly appreciates the participation of the firms and allowing us to showcase their work. We think you'll enjoy viewing the wide range of projects, and applaud the role of landscape architects in designing beautiful, functional and sustainable landscapes for people to enjoy.

Next year for the firm profiles, LASN will feature the work of landscape architects in Arizona and New Mexico.

Click on a firm name to find out more!

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March 22, 2018, 2:51 am PDT

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