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Honda Power Equipment and John Deere Enter Agreement

Honda Power will sell products such as this HRC216K2HXA lawnmower at participating John Deere dealerships.
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Honda Power Equipment announced a new agreement to sell its premium power products at participating John Deere dealerships in the United States. John Deere is a world-leading manufacturer of agricultural and forestry equipment; a leading supplier of equipment used in lawn, grounds and turf care; and a major manufacturer of construction equipment. Initial shipments of Honda inventory to John Deere dealerships will begin on a rolling basis in 2012. 

Under the terms of the agreement, walk behind lawnmowers, generators, tillers, water pumps and snowblowers will be available for sale at participating John Deere dealerships. 

“This new alliance allows us to expand our reach by providing products that meet the high quality and reliability standards that customers have come to expect,” said Scott Conner, vice president of Honda Power Equipment. “By adding more sales and service outlets, we can provide additional, convenient locations for existing and prospective consumers to purchase and maintain their power products.” 

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December 10, 2018, 3:56 am PST

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