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Zero-Turn Mower Provides Significant Fuel Savings

John Deere Z925 EFI offers a closed loop fuel injection system that constantly monitors engine performance. Fuel injectors respond to the load on the engine with the right amount of fuel, delivering maximum fuel efficiency for the conditions.
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With concerns over rising fuel costs, landscape contractors need to become more efficient with their fuel usage. The new John Deere ZTrakTM PRO Z925 with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) can help by providing up to 25 percent fuel savings for landscape contractors.

“With a closed loop system, the engine actually checks for unused oxygen in the exhaust multiple times per second,” said Jamie Palmer, product manager. “This means the engine can fine-tune the amount of fuel injected into the engine.

The 27-HP engine includes an exclusive Tuff Torq® integrated transmission. The transmission, which is standard across the ZTrak PRO 900 Series, features 13cc piston style pumps and 13cc wheel motors for increased efficiency. 

The cross-porting system that routes the coolest hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic pump doing the most work.

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December 10, 2018, 3:59 am PST

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