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Dean Hill, ASLA, CGP

Green Walls & Sustainability

October 6th - 11:30 am

October 7th - 11:30 am

Presented by Dean Hill, ASLA, CGP for greenscreen(R)


Dean Hill, ASLA, CGP is the Director of Sustainability at greenscreen(R), the leader in green facade technology since 1993. As Director of Sustainability, Dean is assisting with formulating the corporate environmental agenda and increasing the presence of greenscreen(R) to existing and new audiences through social media, Internet video and additional technologies.

Dean holds a Master of Landscape Architecture degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications from Ball State University. He has 20 years of experience in the landscape architecture, landscape contracting and landscape construction sectors. He is also very active with the national and local levels of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) and has been a Full Member for over 10 years.

Dean is an Emmy nominated Internet personality as an advocate for green building technology and holds a Certified Green Professional designation from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Dean can also be seen as co-host/landscape designer on Grounds for Improvement, an award winning landscape makeover show airing on the DIY Network.

Course Title: Green Walls & Sustainability

Course Description:

"Go up, not out!" Planners and architects have been using this phrase for a long time to encourage more dense development, but this phrase has a new meaning to landscape architects, designers and contractors and it might just be the missing piece of the sustainability puzzle. Green walls have been around since the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, but they have only recently been used to increase the energy efficiency of building envelopes, provide shading of hard surfaces, sequester carbon, connect habitat, increase vegetative cover and help manage stormwater. Participants will learn how to successfully incorporate green wall facade technology into their design scope.

The utilization of green wall technology has increased significantly over the last few years and the landscape architect's interest in the technology continues to grow. Green walls can be categorized into two very separate technologies; green facade and living wall. This session will focus specifically on green facade technology and how to develop a design checklist for a green facade system, how green facade systems compliments green building rating systems and how to specify appropriate plant material for a successful, holistic system.

Learning Objectives

Participants should come away with an intermediate level of knowledge to:
1. Develop a design checklist determined by the capabilities and differences of green facade technology including trellis, cable and hybrid systems.
2. Understand how green facades are applicable to the Sustainable Sites Initiative Guidelines and the potential for maximizing unrealized credits.
3. Specify plant material that can successfully fulfill the design intent. In addition, participants will learn the importance of soils, planting details and maintenance specifications as they pertain to green facade systems.

Session Outline

A. Introduction
1. Introduction of green wall technology (brief context)
2. Introduction presenters.
3. Personal accounts of relevant experience with the technology.
4. Outlook, projections and opportunities of the technology.

B. Developing a Design Checklist
1. Application scope of technology; transportation, commercial, multi-use, parking, etc.
2. Types of green facade systems.
3. Design advantages and disadvantages of each.
4. What works and why?
5. What doesn't work and why?
6. Considerations for a green facade checklist.

C. Applications and implications for the Sustainable Sites Initiative
1. Introduction to environmental benefits of green facade systems.
2. Introduction to potential ecological benefits and initial research overview.
3. Identifiable prerequisites and credits satisfied by green facade technology within SITES guidelines.
4. Potential prerequisites and credits within SITES guidelines.
5. Additional potential of technology.

D. Specifying and Planting Design for Green Facades
1. Design intent and considerations for plant material.
2. Site considerations and specifications necessary to ensure plant material success.
3. Choosing the proper plant material.
4. Short and long term maintenance issues and how to write specifications dealing with these concerns.

E. Conclusion
1. Future considerations and issues of green facade technology.
2.Q & A

Schedule subject to change

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