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Debbie Evans

Selecting Sustainable California Natives

Presented by Debbie Evans, Tree of Life Nursery


Debbie Evans was born and raised in southern California. At a very early age, (birth), she was immersed into a life where she would get to know the big outdoor natural world. She developed a love for nature and in particular, native plants as part of her upbringing. She has always lived around them.

Debbie is Marketing Coordinator at Tree of Life Nursery. She shares the nursery's passion for all things California and conveys the message about native plants to landscape architects, planners, land managers and restoration specialists. Debbie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in linguistics from the University of California at San Diego.

Course (1) Title: Selecting Sustainable California Natives

Course Description: As water shortages become a reality for the landscaping industry in Southern California the time has come to make wise plant choices for our arid region. The natural choice is working with native plants. Learning the basics of proper plant selection, appropriate planting and smart maintenance practices will guarantee beautiful and low-water use landscapes. Choose native plants: water-smart, naturally!

Course (2) Title: Selecting Sustainables

Course Description: Debbie Evans will be giving an introduction about how to convert water-waste landscapes into sustainable native gardens. She will cover the benefits of landscaping with native plants and provide examples of drought-tolerant natives that should replace the tired, overused, and thirsty non-natives widespread in landscaping today. She will also showcase successful large-scale projects where natives have been instrumental in creating beautiful, inviting outdoor spaces that are sustainable and authentic in our arid Southern California climate.

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December 17, 2018, 12:31 am PST

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