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Borgert Products, Inc.


Address: 8646 Ridgewood Rd


City/State/Zip: Saint Joseph, MN, 56374


Phone: 320.363.4671


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Vendor Profile: Family owned and operated Borgert Concrete Products Inc. was established in 1923 by Lawrence A. Borgert in East St. Cloud MN. In 1953 Lawrences son Kenneth J. Borgert took over the business and relocated it to its current location in St. Joseph. When Kenneth retired in 1989 three of his children Susan Kevin and Nadine acquired the Company. In 1999 the Borgerts expanded the business by building the second state-of-the-art plant. Susan Borgert became sole owner of Borgert Products in January 2006 and remains committed to providing quality products and service unmatched in the industry.

Our location in Central Minnesota allows for the finest selection of premium aggregates in the country granite. Utilizing these materials and creating a carefully proportioned mix design Borgerts knowledgeable staff is able to produce an extremely dense high quality paver. As well as being aesthetically pleasing to the eye Borgert pavers provide the end user with exceptional durability environmental integrity and low maintenance. Our continued mission is to be the company providingbetter pavers better service and better choices.





Stormwater Management System

A pedestrian-friendly stormwater management system. DrenaPave permeable pavements, a stormwater management solution that functions as a pavement and does not take up costly extra space.
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Stormwater Management System

A pedestrian-friendly stormwater management system. Left: Aqua-Bric, a permeable interlocking concrete pavement, meets ADA requirements for pedestrian and vehicular applications. Right: DrenaPave permeable pavements.
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The new paver is designed with the elements of natural stone in mind. Made in rich earth tone colors, the BrukStone delivers a pavement that gives you an attractive unique look.
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Madera Wall

Madera Wall - This unique wall has seven different sizes and is hard split, then aged to give it a natural stone effect. Madera can be designed for freestanding or gravity walls and there are no mechanical connections such as lips or pins ??? meaning no extra costs or hassles. This wall gives you more choices than any other on the market.
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GrateStone combines strength and beauty. The patented system gives each course of pavers a ???lock?? into the next row, adding strength and stability to the finished pavement.
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Combining strength and beauty, GrateStone is ideal where truly unique and beautiful paving is needed. The patented system gives each course of pavers a lock into the next row.
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Concrete Pavers

Streets with cost savings in mind. Easily repaired and easy access to underground utilities. Virtually maintenance free ??? no seal coating. Easy snow removal.
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Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement

Introducing Drena Series, new - permeable interlocking concrete pavement designed and manufactured. FiltraPave (patent pending) is a functional stormwater management system.
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