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Address: 268 W. Orange Show Lane


City/State/Zip: San Bernardino, CA, 92408


Phone: 800-227-4877


FAX: 909-888-2378




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Company Info: Full service distributor with 500 outlets through out the southwest U.S. See our website for products including Gravely mowers Parker Vacuums and blowers Eliet ChippersYamakoyo engines pumps and generators Powerhouse generators Lawngrip boots ProGard Oil and Trimmer line. Kwik Loader heads Leecraft heads Corona Clipper pruning tools and long handle tools.





Sprayers Plus

100 Professional Backpack Sprayer 4 US Gallon (15 Liter) The Model 100 is a top of the line backpack sprayer engineered for the professional landscaper. The highest quality materials are used to ensure the 100 is ready to meet the gruelling demands of pro use day in and day out. Model 100 is equipped with the exclusive Triple Function Piston Diaphragm Pump module with jet agitation.

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SP Sprayers

SP Systems sprayers are known for what they CAN do (that most others can't), such as: SP sprayers can spray chlorine, diesel, wettable powders, stains, sealers, acids, acetones, and more The SP compression sprayers require only one pumping session to empty the tank The piston pumps on the SP sprayers don't leak SP sprayers last four to five times longer than other sprayers And......SP sprayers have the lowest defect and return rate in the industry!

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Premium PRO Gard Series

Get all of your landscaping supplies, including Premium PRO Gard 2-Cycle Lubrication Oil, Bar & Chain Oil and PRO Gard Trimmer Line at your local Ewing store.

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Hand saws

Professional grade hand saws from Silky Saw.

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Sprayers Plus Sprayers

Sprayers Plus Systems sprayers are known for what they can do (that most others cannogt), such as:spray chlorine, diesel, wettable powders, stains, sealers, acids, acetones, and more.

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