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Address: 5925 E. Harmony Road


City/State/Zip: Fort Collins, CO, 80528


Phone: 970-221-5614


FAX: 970-221-5619




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Company Info: Walker's compact size and maneuverability allow mowing and trimming small landscaped areas while reducing labor - places where other rider mowers simply won't fit and walk-behind mowers or trimmers are used instead. Berms, rolling contours, irregular areas, curbs, street dividers, and virtually any other area that can be cut by a walk-behind mower can be mowed faster and more easily with a Walker. And with a variety of interchangeable deck sizes up to 74 inches, Walker handles the larger jobs too. Many Walker owners report their jobs are completed 33 percent to 50 percent faster, thanks to the quick maneuverability, reduced operator fatigue, and eliminating secondary trimming. With a powerful compact tractor, Walker offers the efficiency of one machine mowing and trimming the whole job - open areas and small areas as well.





Walker S18 w/48-inch deck

The S18 continues to build on the Model S platform with an 18 HP engine and Walker's patented Grass Handling System with Thru-Shaft PTO. It is faster and more powerful, and with reduced weight, the S18 is designed to be productive and efficient. Able to run 36 to 56 inch decks, the new S18 is the perfect choice for residential properties, gated yards, or demanding customers.

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Walker A16 Boom Sprayer

A helpful attachment for mowing companies, the Boom Sprayer easily mounts to all 42", 48", 52", 56", and 62" Walker decks and offers a 96" spray pattern, allowing operators to apply fertilizer or weed control in an efficient manner. A spray-gun with a 20 foot hose allows the operator to leave the mower and apply liquid material to all landscape features. The spray tip adjusts to offer output varying from a mist to a 35-foot stream. The 25-gallon tank allows easy cleaning of the tank and spray system.

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Walker A10 Dethatcher

The Dethatcher, our best selling attachment, is especially popular among lawn mowing professionals for use in spring clean-up. The Dethatcher easily clips on the front of 36", 42", 48" and 52" Walker decks without fasteners or tools in a quick, easy motion. When used with the Grass Handling System on Models C, D, S and T, lawn thatch and debris are lifted, removed and collected in one pass. A lift lever with foot trigger lowers and raises the Dethatcher for easy transport when driving between mowable areas.

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