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Address: 1055 Jordan Road


City/State/Zip: Huntsville, AL, 35811


Phone: 256-851-1200


FAX: 256-851-1105




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Company Info: With more parking lot and street sweeper models to choose from than any other manufacturer Schwarze Industries is dedicated to using a Total Performance Teamwork concept to produce maintain and market the finest most durable quality power sweeping equipment in the world. You will also see this high quality and durability continue in our safe cost effective road patching and asphalt repair units we proudly call the RoadPatcher line.Whether you are investigating sweeping as a business opportunity for the first time looking for a quality used street sweeper for sale or would like a bid on replacing your entire sweeper fleet you can count on the Schwarze Industries team to meet your needs.





Schwarze Industries

SuperVac Aero??? is a self contained portable slide-in or tow-behind sweeper designed to quickly mount and dismount onto a standard half ton pickup truck, allowing multipurpose utilization of the vehicle. It can also be mounted on a standard trailer making it a light-duty, cost-effective option with low cost of ownership.

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