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Address: 23201 Normandie Ave.


City/State/Zip: Torrance, CA, 90501


Phone: 310-326-8287


FAX: 800-997-0500




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Company Info: Buckner and Superior brands have a longstanding history within the irrigation industry. Now consolidated within The Storm Manufacturing Group these brands continue to represent the performance and reliability that have been industry standards for nearly a century. The Buckner Company was founded by W.A. Buckner in 1912 with the introduction of a patented slow-rotation sprinkler. The Buckner Company helped revolutionize the industry with new products such as the first hose-less irrigation system the quick coupler valve the hose swivel and the sand-resistant bearing and cam-drive sprinkler. The famous Pebble Beach Golf Course was an early site of Buckners innovative automated irrigation systems. The Buckner Company became part of Storm Manufacturing Group in 2000.





Superior 3200 Valve

3200 is a normally closed master valve that provides dirty and recycled water protection and No Minimum Flow feature. This ensures reliable opening and closing of the valve regardless of flow rates through the individual zone valves. RW adds Recycled Water designation and purple handle for identification. Available in 3/4", 1", & 1 1/2" to 3" sizes. Two-piece upper diaphragm and lower seat assembly maximizes flow through valve and protects diaphragm from harmful debris. Normally Closed design provides protection against unauthorized system use and minimizes water waste in the event of zone valve malfunction. Dirty water protection is afforded by the removable filter and metering rod assembly plus the added benefit of non-continuous flow through the solenoid. All EPDM rubber parts outlast commonly used Buna-N parts when exposed to reclaimed water. Includes "No Minimum Flow" capability, which ensures reliable opening and closing of the valve in extreme high or low flow scenarios (as low as 1 gallon per hour.)

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Superior 950 Valve

950 is an electric valve with forward flow design. Available in 3/4" to 3" sizes. Low seat design with two-piece internal assembly decreases pressure loss and improves flow when compared to valves with high seat design, and helps protect diaphragm from harmful debris. Self-cleaning metering rod system ensures that only "clean" water enters the upper diaphragm chamber offering consistent, trouble-free performance. All EPDM rubber parts outlast commonly used Buna-N parts when exposed to reclaimed water. Made of high-quality Red Brass. Consistent design ensures backward compatibility when replacing parts in older valves.

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Buckner QB44 Quick Coupling Valve

QB44 is a two piece, single slot quick coupling valve. Available in a 1" size and constructed of solid Red Brass for superior long-term durability. Provides reliable and consistent performance in high pressure situations.

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Superior 1000 Valve

The Superior 1000 Series is an electric valve with forward flow design, engineered with chemical resistant components to ensure consistent valve operation for any recycled water application. The Superior 1000 Recycled Water HCR™ Diaphragm carries a 10 year warranty. Available in 3/4" to 3" sizes. Recycled Water HCR™ Diaphragm offers enhanced durability. Manual internal bleed ball valve allows for quick and easy water bleed downstream. Heavy Duty Copper Tubing provides added protection against ripping and tearing. Self-cleaning filter and metering rod prevent debris from entering the inlet orifice to diaphragm chamber. Two-Piece Diaphragm Assembly with Superior Shield™ assembly offers protection by removing the diaphragm from flow path. Stainless Steel internal metal components are corrosion resistant. Purple Cross Handle comes standard to identify valve as a carrier of recycled water. Complete Recycled Water Solution!

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Buckner Superior

Buckner-Superior Ag products are time proven for almost 100 years.

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