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American Excelsior Company


Address: 850 Avenue H East


City/State/Zip: Arlington, TX, 76011


Phone: 817-385-3500


FAX: 817-649-7816




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Vendor Profile: American Excelsior has manufacturing locations and distribution parners all across the United States and is the industry-leading manufacturer of quality time-proven rolled erosion and sediment control products.Our extensive product line includes Curlex Excelsior blankets the new Curlex NetFree blanket Premier Straw/Coconut 100 coconut blankets Sediment Logs for sediment control Recyclex TRM Turf Reinforcement Mat consists of 100 post-consumer recycled plastic fibers and NEW Curlex Bloc for shorelines. ErosionWorks 9.1 erosion control software is a free download on website to assist in design efforts.





Curlex Excelsior Blankets

Curlex Excelsior blankets are designed to promote ideal growing conditions for grass seed, while simultaneously protecting topsoil from wind and water erosion. Curlex blankets have a built-in swell factor to form a strong, fiber matrix.
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American Excelsior Company invented biodegradable erosion control blankets, and offers a wide variety of erosion control blankets under the Curlex(R) brand, and other specialized products like QuickGRASS(R).
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