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Address: P. O. Box 14553


City/State/Zip: Huntsville, AL, 35815


Phone: 256-882-3199


FAX: 256-882-0423




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Company Info: See the New Rootmaker Video....... http// ......RootMaker Products Co. is dedicated to creating fibrous root systems and thus plants that thrive. The entire line of patented root pruning containers from propagation up to containers hundreds of gallons in size (RootBuilders) is a series of complimentary steps sometimes referred to as the Whitcomb System. This system works above ground in-ground or even in-pot using air-root pruning constriction-pruing or root-tip-trapping rather than toxic copper treatments. Rootmakers are the original root branching system and are recognized as the 1 name in root pruning technology.






RootTrapper(R) barrier fabric controls landscape root escape. Installs in trench, laminated side out. Rolls are 36" wide. To learn more, please visit:

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Instead of holding just a few large roots in burlap, inside RootTrappers(R) are thousands of active root tips...instead of circling roots in a regular black container, fine roots are densely branched within. This increase in active root tips helps the plant absorb water and nutrients and accelerate plant growth.

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RootMaker Video

RootMaker Video CLICK HERE

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Root-Pruning Container System

Behind every fibrous tree root system like this is a RootMaker??. Building on root pruning research since 1968, RootMaker?? is an original root-pruning container system.

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Backyard RootMaker Pro products

Behind every fibrous tree root system like this (on the left) is a RootMaker??. The company is the pioneer of Root-Pruning Technology. Please visit our website to learn how fibrous root systems are built without chemicals. Root-pruning containers remain 20 degrees cooler than root-circling black plastic pots. This insulated fibrous root system equips trees for transplanting success. Their products are designed to promote root branching and new roots at every phase of nursery production, whether above-ground, in-ground or even in-pot.

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Flexible Root Barrier Fabric

Flexible root barrier fabric comes in a 36-inch wide roll and installs in a trench with fuzzy fabric side toward tree roots.

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RootMaker Fabric Traps

Unique fabric traps root tips and works as a root barrier. The 36-inch wide rolls install with fuzzy side toward roots to be trapped.

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RootMaker product

RootBuilder?? air root pruning containers make a better root system on held B&B material for summer sales and transplant success. Efficient, economical, expandable.

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Which root systems give the best chance of success? (Hint: It is not on the left.) RootMaker containers create non-circling, fibrous root systems that equip plants for rapid transplant success and long term health.

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April 22, 2018, 6:32 pm PDT

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