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Vendor Profile: Outdoor Architectural Luminaires and Site Amenities of Distinction





City Elements

Modular light column system can combine lighting elements for area, accenting, or pathway illumination into a single structure. Available in two diameters and configurable in heights from 3 bollards up to columns 30 tall. Can accommodate CCTV cameras, speakers, and convenience outlets.
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PARCO LED an architecturally-designed family of pole, bollard and wall-mount luminaires. PARCOs graceful profile makes a compelling design statement.The luminaire is regressed into the arched rectangular profile pole and offers a selection of solid state or ceramic metal halide sources in several wattages and outputs for added design flexibility. PARCO is designed to illuminate pedestrian-centric applications.The LED luminaire offers a choice of standard or high output light engines with warm or neutral white color temperatures
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PARCO illuminates with gracefully iconic styling and state of the art LED technology. The fully shield luminaire is integrated into the pole and utilizes two LED light engines. The Dark Sky compliant PARCO emits zero uplight and is suitable for LEED zones 1 through 4.
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The TOLEDO utility bollard is available in two sizes to meet various site scale requirements. Models are available to accommodate installation of electrical components or plumbing and fittings provided by others, allowing designers the ability to tailor the bollards to project requirements.
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Simple circular form of the bicycle rack integrates into many architectural styles. Bicycle rack and I-beam support post are fabricated from steel and are hot-dip galvanized prior to being finished in finely textured paint. All hardware is stainless steel.
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The MORANO utility bollard delivers an architectural alternative for locating electrical or water supply points in exterior landscapes. Access doors are flush to the shaft and secured with lock and key to ensure safety and prevent unauthorized entry.
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High-performance indirect LED luminaire delivers glare-free illumination with high visual comfort and excellent uniformity. The pedestrian scale luminaire is available in 13" or 16" heights. An LED retrofit kit is available to convert existing ceramic metal halide models to the latest state of the art LED technology.
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High-performance Linea bollard delivers uniform LED illumination on 24 spacings while satisfying path of egress requirements for pathways up to 12 wide. High output version is available for applications where high ambient light levels exist. The LINEA series includes pole mounted luminaires in three heights ranging from 15" to 26" . A wall mounted model is also available.
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VAREDO with LED is suitable for upscale retail settings, hospitality venues, government buildings, transportation hubs, healthcare facilities, and parks. The product family includes complementary illuminated and non-illuminated bollards, bicycle racks, and benches.
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Linea S Bollard

A slender profile and well-proportioned styling exemplify the Linea S Bollard. Its compact LED light engine, minimalist design, and excellent illumination make it ideal for pedestrian scale spaces.
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ACCADIA linear LED inground luminaire

ACCADIA linear LED inground luminaire in 3 sizes for lighting facades and accenting architectural features. Optics adjustable to 1 of 4 positions.
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ARINI from HessAmerica combines striking design with efficient LED illumination to create a sense of place for outdoor settings. A selection of artistically styled straight, angled, or curved poles to accommodate multiple luminaires adds a design element to pedestrian spaces.
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