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Address: 6001 Enterprise Dr


City/State/Zip: Export, PA, 15632


Phone: 724-325-3400


FAX: 724-327-4540




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Company Info: Customization is our Standard! Ventana USA is a specialty fabricator of custom products for a variety of industries. Over the last 29 years we have perfected the process of providing the Fence Deck and Railing industry with custom shapes. We design and fabricate our own tooling for all major extruder profile systems ensuring a repeatable high quality product. In addition we also offer aluminum bending for reinforced curved railing custom radii decking and welcome future requests and challenges. Partnering with Ventana for your curved needs allows you to focus on your core business. Our expertise begins with a detailed drawing depicting your application. This level of detail ensures the product you order will match your specifications therefore decreasing job delays material usage and ultimately saving you money. Our bending expertise started in the window industry and we carry those standards through to the Fence and Railing side. We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide customizable routing to any profile from round or square to glass or tongue and groove all at your specifications.Set yourself apart from the competition by enhancing your product offering. Encourage your customers to customize and dream big and lean on Ventana USA to help.





Curved Vinyl Railings

Ventana USA bends PVC vinyl components for landscape fence styles including radius rails, scallops, inverted scallops, drops, S-bends, arbor arches and arch tops. Using the customer's specs, we can also route the bends to provide a ready-to-assemble product.

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Stepdown Bend

Curve appeal! Add style and excitement to your fence, deck and railing installations with bent vinyl components from Ventana USA.

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vinyl fence

Your one-stop shop for vinyl fence and curved reinforced railing. Our specialty is producing standard and custom curved accents for vinyl fence.

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May 27, 2018, 10:27 am PDT

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