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Vendor Profile: The finest Italian terra cotta available. Handcrafted by Imprunetas most talented artisans. Handmade. Exquisite detail. Frost proof. Custom capabilities. Warm pink color like the Tuscan sun.





Column Pot

Here is a new addition to our American Collection. It is the Column Pot by Billy Cotton. Billy Cotton is a multi-disciplinary designer who designed this modern and stately planter. Code 1171 - 16" W x 18" H.
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Landcraft Pot

Here is another new addition to our American Collection. It is the Landcraft Pot by Dennis Schrader. Dennis is the foremost expert on tropical plants. He designed this planter with large alocasia leaves surrounded by the exotic five pedaled frangipani flower. Code 1170 30" W x 28" H.
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Artesian Rolled Rims Vases

The finest Italian terra cotta available. Handcrafted by Impruneta's most talented artisans, our planters are distinguished from all others by their exquisite detail, natural pink color and durability. Extensive inventory. Custom capabilities.
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Terra Cotta Flowerpots

Just in time for the holiday season Seibert & Rice is re-introducing its collection of small terra cotta flowerpots from Impruneta, Italy.
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Seibert & Rice pot

Introducing the new grey terra cotta for 2007, from the importer of the finest handmade Italian terra cotta planters & urns. Years of development have led to strong durability & integrity of color.
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Giant Pot

Oversize custom planters in classic and contemporary styles. The fine handmade terracotta are frost-resistant.
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Francese Vase

The highest quality handmade Italian terracotta pots. Frostproof. Extensive Inventory. Custom Capabilities. New for 2007 is the Francese Vase. Inspired by the planters of Provence, it is both classic and contemporary. 28" h. x 29" diam.
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Italian terra cotta/ Francese vase

We import the finest hand made Italian terra cotta planters and urns in the world. These planters have exquisite detail and are durable to 20 below zero. Our product is classic, understated and timeless. Download our catalog.
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Francese Vase

Fine Italian terra cotta is among the finest in the world. Inspired by the planters of Provence, the Francese Vase is an elongated version of our famous Rolled Rim Vase.
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Basic Window Box

The leading importer of the finest handmade Italian terra cotta planters. New for 2008 is the Long Window Box. Perfect for commercial applications. 2"Lx20"Wx18.5"H. Only from Seibert & Rice.
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Olive Oil Urn

Imports the finest handmade planters and urns from Impruneta, Italy. Our Olive Urn stands as a focal point in any garden.
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grey terra cotta boxes

Introducing our new line of grey terra cotta boxes; handmade, frost proof, custom capabilities, extensive inventory.
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Seibert & Rice American Collection Pottery

Introducing new handmade frost proof Italian terra cotta planters in its American Collection, designed by Richard Hartlage, landscape designer.
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Bird Pot

A leading importer of the finest terra cotta in the world. Handmade in Impruneta, Italy, this frost proof terracotta is unsurpassed in quality and beauty.
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Fine Italian Terra

Seibert & Rice, importer of Fine Italian Terra Cotta from Impruneta, is proud to introduce Abbie??s Orchid Pot designed by the artist, author and gardener Abbie Zabar.
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OvS Organics

OvS Organics, the latest addition to our American Collection, is a collection of handmade terra cotta planters designed by landscape architecture firm Oehme van Sweden. Each vessel is plant-inspired: Calla, Hellebore and Cardoon Thistle. Also shown: The Bird Pot designed by Richard Hartlage for our American Collection.
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