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City/State/Zip: Camarillo, CA, 93012


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No Mow - Fine Fescue Mix

A fine fescue mixture combining the strengths of creeping red, chewing, and hard fescues for outstanding performance on both slope and shade areas. When covering slopes for stabilization and erosion control, No Mow establishes quickly, keeping soil in place with a dense turf that stays green year-round. In standard turf situations, as a ground cover, No Mow exhibits a fine-textured unmowed lawn creating wavy dunes or a meadow effect. No Mow performs best in moderate shade conditions, but may be used in cooler climates with full sun.
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GN-1 Hybrid Bermuda

A dark green, medium-fine textrued hybrid bermuda bred in Southern California. It is one of the first hybrid bermudagrasses bred and grown in sod production within California since the introduction of Santa Ana in 1968. The result is an outstanding grass capable of professional sports turf and golf course performance yet manageable for cities, schools, park and recreation districts, and the home owner-hybrid enthusiast.
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Medallion - 100 % Tall Fescue

A special blend of top-rated tall fescues providing a versatile turf with year round color. Medallion requires considerably less water than Bluegrass and Blue/Rye mixes. Medallion combines shade tolerance with good drought and disease resistance. Foliage is slightly coarser than bluegrass. Medallion is recommended for a wide variety of uses including residential, commercial and industrial landscapes, as well as, parks and recreation areas.
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Pacific Sod

For beauty and toughness, choose from one of Pacific Sod's excellent Medallion varieties If you are looking for sod for a new lawn or grass for a sports field or stadium, we have it all. From backyards to ballparks, Pacific Sod is California's original sod grower. All of our turfgrass varieties from Hybrid Bermudagrass to Specialty Grasses and our exclusive Medallion fescues are backed by our famous 1-Year Guarantee
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