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Address: 1500 N Mantua Street


City/State/Zip: Kent, OH, 44240


Phone: 866-678-2204


FAX: 330-673-0170




Contact: More Information


Company Info: Scientists at The Davey Institute developed Davey Arbor Green PRO to maximize nutrients effect on plants and keep trees and shrubs healthier. The technology of Davey Arbor Green PRO is intended to mimic the natural availability of nutrients in the forest environment.Patented Formulations Inspired By Nature Slow release of nutrients - up to 2 years Microbial release - 66 WIN 3-1-1 nutrient ratio - optimal for woody plants Nutrient holding capacity 3-5 X compared to traditional fertilizers with humate additives Requires 25 less nitrogen than traditional and competitive fertilizers - a green position that also reduces costTree Nutrition Developed by a Tree CompanyThe Davey Difference The Davey Tree Expert Company is the largest and oldest tree care company in the world. Since 1880 we have been taking care of trees for our clients. We have over 300 locations nationwide and a staff of technical experts dedicated to solving tree-related problems.Arbor Green PRO was created by scientists at The Davey Institute who are committed to performance innovation and environmental stewardship. Products like Arbor Green PRO are an example of the next generation tools being developed by Davey to nuture and protect trees and landscapes and enhance the value of properties and overall health of the communities we serve.The World Leader in Tree Nutrition Development First tree nutrition patent in 1978 Patented formulations ongoing Superior performance Lower cost per lb. of nitrogen





Davey Tree Expert Co.

The slow-release complete fertilizer contains synthesized organic nitrogen fortified with plant-strengthening polyamino acids. Scientists at The Davey Institute developed it to maximize nutrient??s effect on plants to keep trees and shrubs healthier.

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Davey Large Tree Moving

The original tree mover, has transplanted some of the largest trees on record. Exceptional service, capability and an unmatched survival rate.

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Davey Large Tree Moving

The original tree mover, has transplanted some of the largest trees on record and is featured in such publications as National Geographic. Our team of certified arborists is supported by the latest research and a staff of Ph.D. level experts. Most importantly, we can successfully transplant your trees with proven results.

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Arbor Green PRO

Davey Arbor Green PRO 30-10-7 packets for fertilizing small caliper trees and shrubs are available in 48 count display or 80 count waterproof bucket.

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