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Address: 2742 Loker Avenue West


City/State/Zip: Carlsbad, CA, 92010


Phone: 760-931-2910


FAX: 760-931-2916




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Company Info: From our vision to provide the industry with top quality landscape lighting including halogen and LED for over a decade through tremendous engineering and testing of our entire line of LED and halogen landscape lighting fixtures excellence has been our benchmark. This has resulted in a complete family of low voltage landscape lighting excellent in every way. When we say we offer the worlds finest solid copper and brass landscape lighting count on it because each estate-quality fixture is born of an exacting commitment to quality the foundation upon which weve built our company. Were passionate about what we do quality landscape lighting and nothing else. So whether you are looking to light a pathway shrub tree wall or statue look no further than Auroralight.





Scepter: LPL2

The ultra-compact size of the LPL2 allows for it to be installed discretely into planters and is ideal for illuminating pathways and intimate garden areas. Use anywhere a less obvious light source is desired. With a modern, yet timeless design, precision manufacturing and the highest quality materials, the LPL2 luminaire is the perfect choice for any landscaping project.

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landscape luminaires

For over 20 years it has been our vision to provide the highest quality landscape luminaires through vision, careful planning, exhaustive testing and meticulous execution. Lifetime lighting solutions... Guaranteed!

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LSL6 Luminaire

Auroralight's new LSL6 is a Micro-Directional X-Platform IP67 luminaire that features a Thermally Integrated(TM) and Field Serviceable LED module. The machined ball and socket design incorporates a remarkably small yet capable Cree(R) powered light engine. The easily replaceable, self-contained ball fits snugly into a precision machined socket for exceptional heat dissipation allowing this tiny luminaire to operate at 3 watts.

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TITAN: LSL3 is a high performance low energy LED spot light machined from solid brass barstock. Artistic styling and precise machining make this fixture attractive and functional.

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Telluride series

New sleek and compact Telluride series from Auroralight is the perfect complement to any architectural feature that merits illumination.

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The new Sequoia luminaire offers 900 degrees of adjustability allowing you to aim light exactly where you want. This single mount and double fixture design looks good from every angle and offers unprecedented LED performance in a robust 12v 20w, precision machined luminaire.

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Telluride Hybrid Luminaire

Our revolutionary Telluride Hybrid Luminaire uses interchangeable LED modules up to 12-watts, while accepting all standard MR16 halogens. Its unique lens keeps water out and prevents light trespass. Dozens of mounting, lamp and LED options.

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Sumatra MSL30 series

Sumatra MSL30 series directional spotlight luminaires represent the finest in Auroralight engineering. Made of solid brass, they are available in par 16, 20 and 30 ceramic metal halide and IR Halogen with six lamps and 10 different mounting solutions. They also offer unrivaled 3p aiming with over 900 degrees of adjustability.

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March 22, 2018, 10:19 pm PDT

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