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Address: P. O. Box 512


City/State/Zip: Plainfield, NJ, 07061-0512


Phone: 908-755-0921


FAX: 908-755-6379




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Company Info: For over fifty years Reinco has provided a complete line of Powermulchers and Hydrograssers for the landscape and erosion control industry. Quickly efficiently and economically appliy seed fertilizer mulch and other ingredients stabilize and revegetate those areas disturbed by construction practices. Equipment sizes suit any project with optional accessories to handle any variety of site applications.





Reinco, Inc.

Hold Your Ground! Hydrograsser HG10GX3A, 1000 gallons working volume, 1250 gallons total. Our mid-sized unit features Kubota diesel, rugged direct drive, proven hydrojet & mechanical agitation. Reliable and operator-friendly, outstanding ROI.

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Reinco, Inc.

Model No.: Hydrograsser HG2P Engine: Briggs & Stratton Nozzle: 1.25" Pump: Pacer Tank Capacity: 250 gallons Dimensions: 5' 10" L x 3' 10" W x 3' 9" H Special Features: Engineered for both tack and hydromulch; forklift subframe, FMVSS trailer model available. Warranty: Machine 1 year; engine/pump 2 years Cost: $6,700 (skid), $9,800 (trailer)Reinco, Inc.

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Reinco, Inc.

2008 is Reinco's 50th Anniversary Year. Builders of 5 Powermulcher models for blowing straw, and 7 Hydrograsser models for seeding and tacking, Reinco's proven direct drive design and low maintenance offer outstanding value.

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Hydrograsser HG5H3A ??? 500-gallon hydrograssing unit now ships in updated H3 configuration, shown here with optional tandem axle. HG5 features mechanical and hydrojet agitation.

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Reinco Inc.

Model No.: HG-13GX3 Series Hydrograssers Engine and Horsepower: Kubota 33.5 HP Tier 3/I4 EC Diesel Weight: 3,800 lbs. ?? Tank Capacity: 1,300 gallons working volume Pump: Gusher ANSI centerline discharge centrifugal Special Features: All GX3 Series Hydrograssers have been re-designed to provide efficiency with higher flows and minimal maintenance with lower horsepower requirements. Accessories: Electric reels, spray bars, fill options and mounting configurations available. Warranty: 1 year machinery, 2 years engine manufacturer Cost: $37,500

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