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Address: 752 Trenton Avenue


City/State/Zip: Severna Park, MD, 21146


Phone: 410-544-4306






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Company Info: For more than 40 years Profile Products LLC has offered innovative soil solutions for landscapers and contractors. Profiles products protect the soil with sediment control and stormwater treatment devices and provide the markets broadest line of hydraulic mulch products and revegetation blankets that control erosion and accelerate seed germination. Profile also produces porous ceramic soil amendments which permanently improve and condition the soil and provide a superior growing medium. Based in Buffalo Grove Illinois Profile partners with its customers to provide start-to-finish consultation. Profiles mission is to consistently provide measurable value to customers by integrating people products technology and services. Profiles agronomic experts and certified professionals in erosion and sediment control work one-on-one with customers to provide on-site surveys root zone analysis and recommendations as well as turf establishment and erosion control plans. Its all part of Profiles service at no additional cost.





Profile Products

New Futerra F4 Netless Revegetation and Erosion Control Blanket. Less weight, higher seed germination, better erosion control???and not net to entangle wildlife or mowers.

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Flexterra Flexible Growth Medium

Offering a better protection on slopes than ECBs and BFM products - with the speed and cost of a hydraulically-applied product.

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Profile Products

Reducing soil erosion and water runoff immediately after application, ProPlus??? Tacking Agency III?? hydraulic mulch enhances seed germination and turf establishment.

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Profile Products

The revolutionary DryJect service can aerate, amend, and topdress in one pass, injecting soil amendments into golf courses and turf.

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Profile Products LLC

Profile Products LLC offers innovative soil solutions for specifiers in the erosion control industry. Profile??s products protect the soil with a range of erosion and sediment control products, including storm water treatment devices.

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A revolutionary approach to soil aeration for professional turf. Patented technology injects dry material into the soil profile leaving the surface immediately playable.

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Profile Products

Effective immediately upon application and bonding directly to soil, hydraulically applied Flexterra?? Flexible Growth Medium??? sets the standards of excellence for controlling erosion.

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May 27, 2018, 10:08 am PDT

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