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Address: 269 S. Beverly Drive Suite 1329


City/State/Zip: Beverly Hills, CA, 90212


Phone: 844-458-7274






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Company Info: Kurapia S1 is a newly developed highly versatile groundcover. Once established it requires little maintenance and needs less water than cool season turfgrasses.Kurapias sturdy structure makes it ideal for many uses. Kurapia works well to cover highway and freeway shoulders rooftops public utility areas commercial properties and solar farm landscapes. Kuropia can tolerate light foot traffic but is not recommended for heavy foot traffic areas like playgrounds or sports fields.Kurapia grows close to the ground and rarely exceeds one inch high. Most of the year the plant is covered in small white flowers that are sterile which means it is unable to reproduce itself by seed.Kurapia was bred from the native plant Lippia nodiflora found in the coastal regions of Japan and is found to be highly tolerant of saline acidic and basic soils. Kurapia S1 has already revolutionized landscape management in Japan and is set to provide solutions for landscape management and engineering around the world.




May 25, 2018, 11:21 pm PDT

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