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Address: 360 Sutton Pl.


City/State/Zip: Santa Rosa, CA, 95407


Phone: 800-579-8819


FAX: 707-524-8188




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Company Info: Manufacturer of stormwater management products.





Concrete Biofiltration Cell System

Bio-Mod is a concrete biofiltration cell system designed for use with local agency bioretention cell designs, compatible for use with all types of filter soils.

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Kri StarEvolving Stormwater Managament

Evolving Stormwater Managament....KriStar makes catch basin inserts and other products to clean fossil fuel and other pollutants out of stormwater and urban runoff. Call us today for your stormwater managament needs.

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Fossil Filter Line

KriStar is a full-service company that, through an extensive network of nationwide representatives, sells, installs and maintains its Fossil Filter line of drainage products that remove pollution, sediment, and trash from stormwater and urban water runoff.

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The SlopeGard

The SlopeGard products are fiber rolls designed to replace hay or straw bales and silt fence. All have inner stitching for added integrity. SlopeGard restricts the movement of sediment but not runoff. SoilGard is used around drainage inlets.

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Storm Water Management

A leading manufacturer of the most complete line of Storm Water Management products for both "course of construction" and "post construction" applications. We offer complete installation and maintenance services.

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Dual-Vortex Hydrodynamic Separator

KriStar Enterprises, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of stormwater management products, including rice straw fiber rolls (wattles), and sedimentation control devices such as FloGard+PLUS catch basin filter inserts and the new Dual-Vortex Hydrodynamic Separator.

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Bio-Mod Pre-Filter Modules

Bio-Mod pre-filter modules - use as a stand-alone component with built in place bioretention cell systems or in conjunction with the Bio-Mod modular precast bioretention system, enhancing bioretention cell performance.

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SlopeGard 2

Filter rolls that are used at the toe of slopes, or as check dams in channels, in place of cloth silt fence or straw wattles to reduce runoff velocity, channel flow along its length to an outlet and control or capture eroded sediment. SlopeGard 2 is reusable and lightweight making it easier to handle and install than bales or cloth fences.

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Cudo Stormwater Systems

Cudo Stormwater Systems offers a new approach to underground stormwater storage, infiltration, treatment, rainwater harvesting or other stormwater management needs.

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TREEPOD Biofilter

The KriStar TREEPOD Biofilter uses conventional tree box filter design criteria that has proven to be effective at the removal of ultra-fine and dissolved pollutants normally found in storm water runoff.

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CUDO Water Storage System

CUDO Water Storage System with virtually unlimited size, shape and capacity, creates an underground water storage system that collects storm water runoff.

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TreePod Biofilter

TreePod Biofilter, proven effective at the removal of ultra-fine and dissolved pollutants found in stormwater runoff. Sustainable low Impact Design for stormwater management.

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FloGard Perk Filter

FloGard Perk Filter has achieved a General Use Level Designation from the Washington State Department of Ecology for Basic and Phosphorous Treatment.

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Filter-Pod Media

FBio-Mod Modular Bio-retention the Filter-Pod Media Filter is designed for use where landscape based treatment isn't practical. Select appropriate quantity of modules to set flow capacities.

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Bio-Retention System

The Bio-Mod Modular Bio-retention System is made from precast concrete for structural integrity, and meets standard bio-retention cell design in local agency low flow (5-10 in/hr) or high flow soils.

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Bio-Mod Bioretention System

Bio-Mod modular bioretention system - a precast concrete biofiltration cell system that adds consistency to design and construction, with features to enhance filter performance.

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Bio-Mod Precast Bioretention

Bio-Mod is a modular precast bioretention cell system developed to add consistency to design and construction, with features to enhance filter performance, structural integrity and reduced construction and on-going maintenance costs.

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