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Celebrating our 95th year, Plant Marvel Laboratories has proudly supplied the highest quality water soluble fertilizers to the turf and landscaping industries since 1922! Proudly Family Owned and Made in the USA.

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25-15-10+ Tree & Shrub Special

Tree & Shrub Special 25-15-10 was developed primarily as an all-purpose feed for container grown stock in nurseries and as a general spray feed for institutional and park grounds maintenance. It produces excellent color, vigorous roots and promotes rapid development of all evergreen stock. It is also excellent on small trees and shrubs. It has a relatively high potential acidity which helps to lower the pH of the applied solution as well as the soil mix.

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20-20-20+ General Purpose

Nutriculture General Purpose 20-20-20 provides over 60% nutrient value in a 1-1-1 ratio which makes it suitable for general use in a wide variety of growing situations. It is widely used on containerized stock in the nursery industry and for greenhouse crops such as foliage plants and bedding plants. For institutional and general landscape maintenance, it is ideal because it works well on turf, trees or shrubs as well as blooming plants and can be used as a single all-purpose spray feed.

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20-10-20+ General Purpose

General Purpose 20-10-20 is an all-purpose feed with elevated levels of Nitrate Nitrogen to give better nutritional control when feeding the cool darker months. Commonly used as a foliar application or root feed on ornamentals, turf and nursery stock. Because it is formulated to provide a balance of both major and minor elements, it is a safe choice when feeding a wide range of plant life with the same fertilizer. It will provide immediate but gentle nourishment in a form of application that can overcome and bypass other nutrient complication due to soil problems.

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18-6-18+ Mag-Iron Special

Formulated for growers with high calcium bicarbonate water who need to compliment their magnesium level, while supplying additional iron to ensure uptake at an elevated media pH. The higher iron levels are provided in two different chelated forms, EDTA and DTPA. These will guarantee uptake even at extremely high media pH levels. This formula is also recommended as an excellent choice for managing lush green controlled growth on annuals such as calibrochoa, petunias, vinca, roses, etc. With over 60% of its nitrogen in the nitrate form it will also work well as a dark weather feed.

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16-45-7+ Seed Starter Special

Seed Starter Special 16-45-7 is specially designed as a starter solution for use in seed and mulch slurry Hydro-Seeding applications. It promotes faster seed germination and root development on seeds and transplants, without burning. it will promote faster germination time by as much as 40% depending on species. It is 100% soluble in water and will not cause abrasive wear and tear on equipment. It is mildly acidic and rinses easily preventing equipment corrosion.

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16-3-16+ Cal-Mag Special

Developed as an alternative to our Cal Mag 17-5-17 to give greater control over vegetative growth without sacrificing the calcium and magnesium. It has a neutral potential acidity, and it also contains a combination of three different forms of iron chelates, EDTA, DTPA, and EDDHA, that makes iron available over a broader pH range, as well as in wet soil conditions. It will ensure availability under alkaline soil conditions. It also helps control the tendency to stretch and promotes healthier growth while inducing excellent longer-keeping blooms.

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15-3-20+ Bedding Plant Special

This high nitrate blend was designed specifically for bedding plants. The K to N ratio will promote short, compact, and toned plants. Some critical micro nutrient levels have been elevated to provide sufficient results with minimal nitrogen levels at hose end. This Bedding Plant Cal Mag Special 15-3-20 contains calcium and magnesium with increased iron in two different forms of chelation to increase its effectiveness through a broader pH range. The stepped-up amount of potash will also ensure good healthy cell wall development which should get bedding plants off to a good start.

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12-31-14+ Bloom & Flower Plant Food

Bloom & Flower Plant Food 12-31-14 is used as an all-purpose feed for greenhouse crops; especially useful to promote vigorous development of roots in seedlings and cuttings, for reducing shock to transplants and for finishing off blooming crops. To ensure successful initiation of embryonic flower bud development 12-31-14 should be used exclusively during the early stages of growth of all crops. Sown seed can be watered in with this formula as well as cuttings when stuck. 12-31-14 can also be used as the watering in solution for any plant being shifted or transplanted. This formula also induces prolific blooms with flowers of deeper color and longer life as cut flowers.

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Plant Marvel Laboratories commercial fertilizer

Plant Marvel Labs has pioneered the commercial fertilizer market with its concept of a water-soluble fertilizer, one delivering a total nutrient feed to crops and turf without the fear of burning and with unparalleled ease of application.

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Plant Marvel Labs has pioneered the commercial fertilizer market with its concept of a water-soluble fertilizer, one delivering a total nutrient feed to crops and turf without the fear of burning and with unparalleled ease of application.

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