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Address: 5055 W. 58th Ave.


City/State/Zip: Arvada, CO, 80002


Phone: 303-296-4041


FAX: 303-295-6604




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Company Info: Saving water system professionals time and money is our mission. Over the past 30 years Dawn Industries Inc. has introduced some of the most innovative and successful water system and replacement products on the market. The Companys team of seasoned engineers sales and office staff continue to work closely with professionals from multiple industries in developing new and innovative products.What separates Dawn Industries is our commitment to pleasing our customer base. Were a business that treats our customers like family with respect courtesy and warmth. We recognize that you are our lifeblood everything we do is focused on your satisfaction.We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you for many years to come.






KwikRepair makes in-line installation or repair of PVC lines faster, easier, and stronger plus more cost efficient using just one fitting. The KwikRepair sleeves slide onto the pipe, once primer and solvent is applied to the end of the fitting and end of the pipe being repaired, eliminating bending or flexing of the pipe. Made in the USA in our Colorado facility.

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The KwikAdapt line of products offers fast, secure connections from Polyethylene pipe to Swing pipe in a one-piece design. The barb and spike combination keeps the Swing pipe in place even under pressure surges. Our KwikAdapt fittings for Drip line continue our one-piece design ideas with a coupler that is 17mm Drip on one end and Swing pipe on the other. Made in the USA in our Colorado facility.

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KwikTap is the most secure saddle tee on the market as it has no latches or snaps to keep it attached to the polyethylene pipe. No tools needed for installation, less flow restriction than inserts. Superior versatility as it can be installed, removed and used again. KwikTap comes with Swing or drip fittings pre-installed saving you time and money! Made in the USA in our Colorado facility.

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KwikSlip is a one-piece glue fitting for PVC pipe to Swing or Drip pipe. Fast to install, no threads to leak and saves on labor time/cost. Made in the USA in our Colorado facility.

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KwikSeal is a superior saddle tee that eliminates the hassles and problems associated with insert fillings. No rubber gaskets, lower profile saddle tee, T-Bolt and Nut made of fiberglass reinforced nylon will not rust or corrode. Molded barb seal. Made in the USA in our Colorado facility.

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KwikCut Hack Saw

Dawn brings you the finest high performance hack saw you can find. High tension design helps blades last longer and is more comfortable to use than other frame saws. It also offers versatile blade positions to make standard or flush cuts. Features convenient blade storage in top Frame bar. Made in the USA.

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KwikCut Hand Saw

For cutting large PVC or ABS pipe with optimum tooth design. No other saw cuts faster or straighter than the KwikCut PVC Saw. Available in 9", 13" and 18" blade lengths. Made in the USA.

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KwikCut Ratchet Cutter

Our patented Double Action Ratchet gives you plenty of extra power when cutting heavy walled pipe. Our precision milled blade provides a clean cut with little effort. Efficient one-hand operation has a push button release and locking mechanism. Cuts up to 1 5/8" OD. Made in the USA in our Colorado facility.

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KwikCut Rope Saw

Our KwikCut Rope Saw cuts plastic, wood, rubber and more. Cuts in places you can't get to with a larger saw and cuts in any direction. Ergonomic grips allow you to use your hands instead of just your fingers. Made in the USA in our Colorado facility.

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KwikCut Cutter

These multi-purpose cutters are designed to make quick work of Polyethylene pipe, thin wall PVC, hose, tubing and most other no-metal items. Our Kwikut cutters and blades are manufactured in our Colorado facility. Our blades, using a proprietary blade making system, from the highest quality steel creates a blade that is sharper and holds its edge longer for more clean, precise cuts. Combine these blades with our fiberglass reinforced nylon handles creates the highest quality cutter on the market at any price! 3 different sizes with or without Spring and Latch. Made in the USA in our Colorado facility

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Flexibility on the job! Go from Swing/Funny pipe to 17mm Drip line with just one fitting! Retro-fit an existing landscape design with sprays and install drip! Fast and efficient using one fitting!

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WS1024SA is a Self Adjusting Wire Stripper that strips wire from 10 gauge to 24 gauge. It also Crimps 10-22AWG Insulated wire or 4-22AWG Non-Insulated wire.

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