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Automatic Filters Inc.


Address: 2672 S. La Cienega Blvd.


City/State/Zip: Los Angeles, CA, 90034


Phone: 310-839-2828


FAX: 310-839-6878




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Vendor Profile: The Tekleen self-cleaning water filter manufactured by Automatic Filters Inc. of Los Angeles California offers a low-cost system that does not require any maintenance or attendance. As dirt particles collect on the screen the line pressure at the filter outlet drops. When the pressure reaches a preset differential the backwash cycle begins. Within seconds and without interrupting the main flow vacuum nozzles aggressively suction the dirt from the inside of the screen and flush it out to the drain using just two gallons of rinse water.Tekleen filters save money on cleaning and replacing irrigation heads drippers sprinklers screens bags and sand media tanks. Tekrinse the NEW screen cleaning technology saves up to 90 of rinse water. Rinsing lasts takes 5 seconds and uses less than 2 gallons of water without interrupting the main flow. High-quality stainless steel filters priced at carbon steel rates perfect for ditch well or lake water.





Tekleen Filters

Tekleen- filters save money on cleaning and replacing irrigation heads, drippers, sprinklers, screens, bags, and sand media tanks. Rinsing takes 5 seconds.
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