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Address: 2420 Brunello Trace


City/State/Zip: Lutz, FL, 33558


Phone: 800-226-4178


FAX: 813-482-0700




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Company Info: Since 1985 York Bridge Concepts has been the nations leader in the custom on-site construction of timber structures. YBC crafts timber pedestrian vehicular golf cart heavy maintenance and covered bridges retaining walls and shelters. We provide pond lake ravine and wetlands crossings throughout the United States. Our custom applications allow YBC structures to compliment any golf course resort park development or commercial setting. YBC prides itself on its artistic ability to custom build timber structures on your site into any environment while maintaining the highest construction standards in the industry. YBC confidence is such that every product is backed by a three-year warranty. No other bridge builder can offer such an extensive commitment to quality and service. YBC believes that our desire and ability to perform work in accordance with our warranty is essential to our overall commitment to customer service. Our staff is ready to meet with you at your convenience to provide our full range of expertise and service. With all the benefits YBC has to offer why would you trust your bridge and boardwalk needs to anyone else





Timber Bridge

York Bridge Concepts, Inc. (YBC) is the nation's largest on-site timber vehicular bridge builder. Each Timber Bridge is built to unmatched standards by skilled artisans and craftsmen.

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Timber Vehicular Bridges

As the industry leader, our Premier York Timber Vehicular Bridges are upheld by innovation, superior design, architectural elegance and excellence in craftsmanship. High-quality materials and modern treatments, along with 30 years of experience, ensure that your York Vehicular Bridge will last for generations. Our industry-leading technologies guarantee that each York Vehicular Bridge will require less maintenance and will last for 50 to 75 years or more, reducing the need for additional construction.

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Decero- Timber Pedestrian Bridges

York Bridge Concepts??? (YBC) Decero???-designed Timber Pedestrian Bridges create unique structures that our clients can truly call their own ??? utilizing a wide range of high-grade materials. Each York pedestrian bridge provides a solution of interest and is able to integrate across many differentenvironments and applications. We work with our clients to ensure that their construction needs are met in a timely, professional manner.

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Timber Covered Bridges - Decero

At York Bridge Concepts??? (YBC) we design and build Timber Covered Bridges - Decero??? ??? providing unparalleled authenticity as people drive or walk through them. Our covered bridges are hand-crafted at the project site, one rough sawn, heavy timber at a time. Our team creates Timber Covered Bridges reminiscent of traditional historic structures, using unlimited choices in materials, roofing, railing, sealers and deck coatings. Custom designs can be constructed fully-enclosed or utilizing a unique side profile. Our crews are seasoned in covered bridge construction with successful installations throughout the country.

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timber bridges

Through comprehensive investigations and use of proper materials, experienced craftsmanship and application of trademarked Decero Design, YBC maintains its leadership in the timber bridge industry. Today??s modern treatments, combined with proprietary coatings available only through York Timber Protective Systems ensure that necessary formula adheres to pressure treated wood.

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Vehicular Bridge

York Bridge Concepts, Inc. (YBC) is the nation's largest timber vehicular bridge builder. Through its Decero (TM) philosophy, each timber structure is custom built and created from scratch.

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