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Waterplay Solutions Corp


Address: 1451 B Ellis Street


City/State/Zip: Kelowna, BC, V1Y 2A3


Phone: 250-712-3393


FAX: 250-861-4814




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Vendor Profile: We are committed to making the world a better place by offering innovative aquatic play solutions to the global community. Our full suite of products include play features designed to splash and spray activity towers architecturally-inspired urban features and water management systems. A great addition to aquatic facilities community spaces holiday parks hotels and resorts housing developments water parks and attraction facilitiesvisit to learn more and join our movement to connect the world through play.





Beach Ball Soaker

A flagship feature from the new Shoreline Collection by Waterplay, the 13.5' tall Beach Ball Soaker brings a high action splash effect and playful seaside aesthetic to any aquatic space design.
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An Aquatics International 2015 MVP, Puddles bring the irresistible fun of jumping in a rain puddle to the aquatic play pad. This exciting twist on the traditional ground spray gives kids a new interactive way to make a splash. The squishy surface of the jump pad encourages them to stomp, dance, or hop to create all kinds of water effects. Puddles are available in three designs, each offering a unique spray pattern.
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Activity Towers

Create endless ways to play with ACTIVITY TOWERS. With an easy-to-install modular design it's never been easier to create something awesome! Connect multiple activity pods, slides, cannons, spray features, dumping buckets and more to build your unique structure. ACTIVITY TOWERS are compatible with zero depth, wading pool and shallow entry environments to fit every space.
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Ladybug Soaker

An exciting new feature for the Grasslands Collection that thrills waterplayers with a big splash effect! This giant insect companion is sure to draw crowds and bring high-action adventure to nature inspired play spaces. Features a unique creature design aesthetic, a 30 gallon (113 litre) splash and transparent AquaLume bucket to build anticipation as it fills!
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Friendly mud worms emerge from the grassland to create interactive water play for all ages. These insect-shaped water cannons feature bright orange antennae that kids can grab and rotate in multiple directions, creating dynamic sprays that will delight toddler, child, and youth age groups. Available in two sizes (592mm or 931 mm tall), there's a Critter companion for everyone--and every play space, with easy surface-mounted installation and low hydraulic requirement.
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Bring fun to any aquatic space with the Surfboard, a play feature with double-sided water spray action and spectacular AquaLume??? design.
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