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Vendor Profile: Unilock has been the industry leader for over 40 years manufacturing Architectural Pavers and Segmental Retaining Walls with leading edge design and product technologies. Our range of products services and expertises continues to expand. Unilock offers an extensive selection of colors styles and textures with many customizable options. High density/high PSI with low absorption rates makes products strong enough for frequent heavy loads and resistant to salt scaling. Unilock permeable pavers can help contribute toward acheiving LEED certification goals. Exclusive EnduraColorPlus finish technology ensures project beauty for years to come.






Bring a sense of old-world Europe to your design with Courtstone. The unsurpassed strength and realistic texture create an everlasting product which is ideal for vehicular paving and accents.
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City Park Paver(TM)

A modern twist on a classic shape, City Park Paver is available for your large-scale products in a wide range of finishes and colors. Combined with the most advanced manufacturing technologies we deliver products with exceptional strength, beauty and resilience. Available for traditional and permeable installations.
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Architectural pavers

Unilock provides the selection of architectural pavers, standard unit pavers, and retaining walls required for handling these issues properly. Unilock can also provide you with all the samples, support material and know-how to make specifying products for your next project accurate and simple.
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Unilock Walls

North America's premier manufacturer of Architectural Pavers, standard unit pavers, retaining walls, permeable paver and erosion control products. These products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities located in Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, New York and Toronto. Unilock has extensive creative and time saving tools for both the design and engineering consultant.
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Series 3000(R)

The high performance surface of Series 3000 makes it ideal for high traffic spaces. The combination of granite and quartz aggregates provides a unique texture and color while being exceptionally durable. Available in a wide range of ready to ship sizes and colors, but also ideal for your custom creations.
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Rivercrest Wall

Rivercrest Wall, our most natural, versatile and easy-to use wall system. The engineered S-shape creates the character of natural stone.
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Striking beauty, granite particles surface

Umbriano - Large format slabs, in the Umbriano finish, owe its striking beauty to a random dispersing of color and granite particles, creating a mottled surface that looks remarkably natural, and features EnduraColor Plus, an advanced technology that delivers both superior surface durability and color longevity. Sometimes bigger is better. Especially when it's Umbriano.
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Pavers with the on-trend long, linear style

Eco-Line, the latest in permeable with the on-trend long, linear style. This machined installed product is not only cost effective but customizable by finish and color.
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Plank Paver series

We've been making architectural dreams a reality for over 40 years, with products like the Promenade Plank Paver series. These long, narrow paving planks at Rutgers School of Business in New Brunswick, N.J. create an exciting linear aesthetic, in customizable finishes that will complement any design and delivers both superior surface durability and color longevity with EnduraColor Plus.
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Street paver from Unilock

Town Hall street paver from Unilock has been designed to satisfy both traditional and permeable installation methods while maintaining a time-worn historical and distressed appearance. Now available in an additional three new colors.
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Street pavers

Town Hall street paver has been designed to satisfy both traditional and permeable installation methods while maintaining a time-worn historical and distressed appearance. Now available in an additional three new colors your design vision will come to life. Contact us for samples today.
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Linear plank paving, permeable paving stone

Developed for the Navy Pier project in Chicago, Eco-Promeande combines vehicular rated, long linear plank paving style with a permeable paving stone.
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Promenade Plank Pavers

Clean, sleek lines are essential to any modern design. With Promenade Plank Paver you can choose your size, finish, color, non-permeable or permeable to create a dynamic linear aesthetic complementing your design.
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Manufactured paving stones

Long, clean lines of Artline reflects an emerging trend to minimalist, modern outdoor designs. Manufactured paving stones are available in a number of unique color blends and surface finishes that can be used separately or combined together.
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Yorkstone blends the time-tested charm of natural fossilized sandstone with the durability and consistency of concrete. Earthy color tones result in a product that is rich in both appearance and character.
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Umbriano - The Sky's the Limit

The perfect product for roof deck and on-grade projects, Umbrian is the ideal choice. The large format slabs owe their striking beauty to the random dispersing of color and granite particles while the advanced manufacturing technology, EnduraColor Plus, delivers both superior performance and color longevity.
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