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Southland Sod FarmsClick For Directions


Address: 2599 E Hueneme Rd


City/State/Zip: Port Hueneme, CA, 93044-0579


Phone: 805-488-3585


FAX: 805-986-3878




Contact: More Information


Company Info: Southland Sod Farms is a grower of high quality sod with delivery capabilities anywhere in Southern California. Southland is most well known for the Marathon line of tall fescues including standard dwarf and extra dwarf varieties. Other varieties include Pureblue Ryeblue Tifgreen St. Augustine and Dichondra.





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Southland Sod FarmsClick For Directions

Port Hueneme, 93044-0579

May 22, 2018, 6:35 am PDT

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