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Address: 1701 38th Ave W


City/State/Zip: Spencer, IA, 51301


Phone: 712-339-1290






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Company Info: The Ground Effect lineup of products are manufactured and assembled in our Simonsen Iron Works plant in Spencer IA.





Ground Effect Soil Finisher

The Ground Effect Soil Finisher is the perfect non-powered implement for soil finishing and seed bed preparation on new construction. It is also fantastic for horse arena, trail, and baseball diamond maintenance, as well as leveling jobs on gravel and dirt lots.

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Ground Effect Edger

We have developed an edger that saves a lot of shovel time for 2 people. For new construction or new pours this grades the dirt directly next to the pour which is inside of the safe working space of any other attachment. When combined with the soil finisher you can be ready for sod or seed right after driving off the job site. The usefulness of this attachment is highlighted by the ability to pull the pin and use the cutting blade for cutting overhang on any existing pour. Once cut then cleanup is effortless. This machine is truly 2 in 1 and will decrease labor hours needed to complete projects

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Ground Effect Sod Cutter

We have a newer product offering to add to our lineup that we've dubbed the sod cutter. It's not a flashy name but it works. Just like this attachment, it doesn't take external power, has mounts for many different types of equipment and is easy to operate. It's cost friendly, built and designed in the Midwest and helps to trench, run irrigation, electrical conduit or to clear any land needing worked

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Ground Effect Soil Finisher

Ground Effect, LLC a product line developed by Simonsen Iron Works in Spencer, Iowa has developed a soil finisher that is perfect for horse arenas, new construction soil finishing, and landscaping/seed bed preparation or for leveling out gravel or dirt parking lots, baseball diamonds or other high traffic track areas. This product works with a multitude of attachment capabilities including most skid steers or anything with a Cat 1, Cat 2 or Cat 2 quick hitch 3 point system. The floating roller can be locked out of the debris field if wet conditions persist and spike strip aerating is needed to dry out the area. The spike bar is fully adjustable so you can easily and consistently control the depth of cut that you desire. The soil finisher has lateral flex side to side of 21 degrees each direction allowing for ease of use even in uneven terrain.

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April 22, 2018, 3:02 pm PDT

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