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Address: 901 E 14th Ave


City/State/Zip: Kansas City, MO, 64116


Phone: 816-421-2000


FAX: 480-406-6549




Contact: More Information


Company Info: WallyGro began in 2008 with the hope that anyone in any space could enjoy gardening. Over the years that seed of hope bloomed into a company thats dedicated to seeing your green thumb put to use. In addition we want to do our part to keep our planet as green and healthy as possible. Thats why our company is not only dedicated to producing the highest quality living wall planters on the market but the greenest too. You will find all of our excellent products are also eco-friendly. Our Wally planter pioneered the living wall movement that is so popular today. Since those days WallyGro has continued to be the leader in quality vertical and indoor gardening solutions. Whether you stick with the classic Wally planter or branch out to our newer products we guarantee only the best and greenest gardening solutions for your space.





Wally Pockets

Wally Pockets Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, Wally Pockets are most effective, affordable, and easy way to grow vertically. 10 years strong.

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Living Wall Planter 2

Have fun with plants! Living Wall Planter 2 is not just more affordable, it is better in every way, easier to use, higher performance, more adaptable, and greener. Vertical gardening is now within reach of every gardener from brown thumbs to green and from beginners to professionals. Simply attach hook to wall, fence or chain link, and hang planter up. Make your living wall any shape by hanging in rectangular or rounded, offset patterns. Totally modular system works in a dense 10" x 12" wide grid, or a 12" x 12" grid for lower cost per square feet and greater coverage. Living Wall Planter 2 is made from 100% HDPE2 recycled milk jugs, known to be one of the safest plastics for food contact and containing no traceable amounts of Phthalates or BPA.

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April 22, 2018, 2:49 pm PDT

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