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Company Info: WB-100 and WB-124 provide a wireless connection between a standard 24V controller to standard 24V electric valves that are used for irrigation. It would be an ideal solution for: - Fixing a cut, damaged, or missing wire between controller and the valve - Adding a new irrigation zone with no additional wire - Irrigating an area (like an island) surrounded by asphalt, cement or water - Not digging and trenching to run wires - To run irrigation wires across a driveway or a road - To completely remove irrigation wires






WB-100 connects a standard 24V controller to a standard 24V valve using a unique power technology in combination with ISM band wireless scheme (certified in US by FCC.) It replaces traditional wires between standard 24V controllers and 24V valves. It is an ideal solution to repair cut or damaged wires, or to provide power to an isolated location, or to prevent digging up asphalt and concrete to lay new wires.

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April 19, 2018, 2:26 pm PDT

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