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Address: PO Box 36339


City/State/Zip: Los Angeles, CA, 90036


Phone: 323-954-2240


FAX: 323-954-2244




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Company Info: PolyPavement is a liquid soil solidifier. The grounds maintenance crew or a landscape contractor installs it according to easy-to-follow written instructions. Natural Soil Pavement is a cinch with PolyPavement. Decorative soils such as decomposed granite or bunker sand fines may be used. PolyPavement does not change the color the soil. Soil treated with PolyPavement is up to ten times stronger than asphalt. It is not damaged by rain. It supports heavy vehicles. And it requires little or no maintenance. Foot traffic areas parking lots service roads etc. may be built to meet any and all specifications.






PolyPavement is more than twice the strength of asphalt and less than half the cost. It is easy to apply and environmentally safe.

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The natural soil pavement offers an aesthetically pleasing, environmentally safe, affordable alternative to asphalt and concrete. This liquid soil solidifier converts ordinary dirt into rock-solid permanent pavement utilizing the in-place soil or decorative soils.

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Going beyond soil stabilizers, PolyPavement is a revolutionary earth solidifier. When properly applied, it's stronger than asphalt with much less maintenance. When you want natural soil pavement, PolyPavement is the answer.

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When properly applied, PolyPavement is stronger than asphalt with much less maintenance. When you want Natural Soil Pavement, PolyPavement is the answer. Unlike soil stabilizers that hold down dust and dirt marginally, it provides a solid pavement wear surface. PolyPavement converts the earth itself into a solid pavement, allowing the use of the complete palette of Nature's earth tones, colors and hues.

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February 17, 2018, 5:06 pm PST

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