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Address: 1000 Buffalo Road


City/State/Zip: Lewisburg, PA, 17837-9795


Phone: 1-800-233-8404


FAX: 570-522-3030




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Company Info: For more than 40 years Playworld has delighted in igniting joy in people of every age and ability through play and fitness. Based on the belief that The World Needs Play Playworld turns dreams into reality with its imaginative customized commercial playground and fitness equipment. Our innovative product lines PlayD Explorers PlaySimple NEOS RockBlocks ENERGI and LifeTrail to name just a few are designed to unleash the transformational power of play and imaginations soar and bodies strengthen along the way. We are an industry leader that cares about our customers as if they were family. Our customers benefit from unparalleled personalized attention from our network of local distributors and our value-added services. We invest significant resources to measurably reduce our impact on the environment. Our aggressive action to eliminate polyvinyl chloride (PVC) helped Playworld become the first and only playground manufacturer to have its products Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM. We are deeply committed to evolving the world of play by moving beyond accessibility to create truly inclusive play spaces. Thats why we developed the Inclusive Play Design Guide a free comprehensive resource that enables the creation of landmark inclusive play spaces.





Unity® Connect

Unity® Connect is a towering, modern, and customizable play system that brings kids together in real face-to-face interactions and physical activity. Ropes and hoops provide a clean visual aesthetic, while offering dynamic climbing challenges and areas for gathering. Choose the A-frame and play events to create your perfect destination playground.

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Family Furnishings curved design enhances landscapes.

Family Furnishings - Create great spaces for conversation, picnics, or meet and greet spots to watch kids play. The organic, curved design enhances landscapes.

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Inclusive Play Design Guide

The Inclusive Play Design Guide was developed to help advocates design outdoor spaces so people of all ages and all abilities (autistic, able-bodied and those with a cognitive disability) can play side-by-side. A team of play and child development experts, many of whom are raising children with disabilities, developed the educational and inspirational guide.

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PlayWeb Lite playground

PlayWeb Lite packs more climbing room in less space. It's available in a variety of colors to personalize your playground. Ages 5+

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Unity Dome Climber

The Unity Dome climber propels the past into the future! We've re-imagined the geodesic dome so kids can play together in, on and around this classic structure like never before. Fun for ages 5-12.

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New Home Dome.

The new Home Dome is the industry's first combination climbing dome and playhouse. With easy-to-climb rungs, inviting perch points and engaging playhouse cues, young kids ages 2-5 feel right at home.

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The Unity Slide Climber

The Unity Slide Climber's sleek, sculptural styling and unique climbers will make a statement on any playground, providing aspects of physical, tactile and social play. Areas in the tube at the top, as well as beneath the structure give kids places to relax and hang out with friends. Three different access points offer levels of challenge.

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PlayForm 7

PlayForm 7 merges great play with public art, resulting in a sculpted play form that inspires imaginative, open-ended play. Playworld is the answer to the where, when, how (and why) of play for all ages and abilities.

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Super Durable, PolyFiberCrete

Kids blast through time as they climb, tunnel and hide among the giant, lifelike dinosaur bones and eggs. The super durable, PolyFiberCrete material creates the look of real fossils with a low-maintenance, non-slip surface that lasts for eons.

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360 degrees of Head-Spinning, Body-Twisting Fun - NEOS

We have 360 degrees of Head-Spinning, Body-Twisting Fun - NEOS 360 combines the speed and fun of electronic games with the explosive movement of aerobic exercise to create the most exciting playground ever to hit your playspace. And in the fight against obesity, NEOS disguises heart-pounding exercise as pure, unadulterated fun. Shown in accessible version.

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A leading manufacturer of imaginative playground and fitness equipment, announced the launch of PlayPod. This innovative service employs Microsoft Tag to provide 24/7 mobile access to useful information for maintenance professionals and equipment users.

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When trust matters, Playworld is the recreation company to call for innovative, quality playgrounds. From site evaluation to fundraising, design, installation and maintenance support, we provide playgrounds for kids of all ages and abilities.

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Playworld -Play structures

Play structures

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Artisan-sculpted creations playground

Playground dreams become reality with custom themed equipment. Artisan-sculpted creations transform playgrounds into ultimate lands of make-believe. Use an original idea or get inspired with the Garden Grove, Space Camp and Tree Fort.

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Playworld playgrounds provide fun play activities that children throughout the world can enjoy. Our exciting products trigger children's imaginations while sliding, crawling, and jumping through each structure.

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AeroGlider inclusive wheelchair-accessible

AeroGlider - new and inclusive wheelchair-accessible glider encourages cooperation and teamwork among children of all ages and abilities.

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Unity Connect

Encourage older kids to meet and move - to engage in real, face-to-face interactions and challenging physical activity. This towering, modern, and modular system is the perfect gathering place.

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Great play, like great art, is best left unstructured. PlayCubes is an open-ended, sculpture-like outdoor play product designed to transform any space into a point of connection.

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The hat Shade withstands wind loads of 150 mph.

Hat Shade is a fabric shade blocking 94% of sunlight. Its one piece design provides maximum coverage and withstands wind loads of 150 mph.

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Quattro Seesaw

This playground favorite is given a twist with the new Quattro Seesaw from Playworld. Up to four children can bounce and spring at the same time making for tremendous play value and cooperative play. The springing action provides fun and bounce, while the attractive hand and foot holds and textured seat provide a secure ride.

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