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Address: 2471 Hwy 30, P.O. Box 664


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Vendor Profile: Manufacturer of precast concrete site furnishings. Tables benches planters bollards drinking fountains and ash urns. Custom capabilities. Larger planters serve as security barriers and traffic deterrants.





Precast Concrete Planters

Precast Concrete planters are durable and add beauty to any surroundings. A wide range of sizes and shapes are available. Groupings beautify streetscapes or can act as a protective barrier for restricted areas. Exposed aggregate or sandblasted finishes are available, as well as custom capabilities.
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Precast Concrete Planters

Precast Concrete Site Furnishings offers one of the finest quality amenities that are both functional and aesthetically appealing. Coordinating series of planters, waste receptacles, benches, tables, and bollards make any streetscape project or landscaping job easy. Choose from many colors and finishes or ask Petersen's design staff to help you customize to match your existing buildings, patio or existing decor.
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Model PB-58 Benches

Model PB-58 Benches Smooth Seats and Backs. Leg color and finish options available. Shown in Dura Brite/Sand Tan.
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Precast Concrete and Metal Furniture

Precast concrete and metal site furniture. Precast concrete tables offer maximum durabilty and minimum maintenance. The rugged steel reinforced construction makes them an ideal solution for outdoor use.
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Metal Benches

Metal benches - architectural steel that is powder coated for a lustrous finish. Contemporary designs and bold colors enhance any streetscape.
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Precast Concrete Receptacles

Precast concrete site furnishings with attractive receptacles that are steel reinforced for superior strength and durability. Over 50 models available in a variety of colors and finishes.
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Precast Concrete and Steel Site Furniture

Precast concrete and steel site furniture by Petersen Manufacturing. Superior design outstanding durability, maximum security and unbeatable service??_.these are just a few reasons why customers choose to purchase Petersen Precast Concrete and Steel Site Furnishings. Our design team is available to assist with preliminary cad drawings and our delivery crew is there when you need them for the final installation. We take pride in the fine details and we welcome the opportunity to work with customers and assist them with their custom design needs
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Durable Plastic Tables

Durable plastic tables - heavy weight will stay put and provide a safe table for children who are playing and climbing. Available in many bright colors and can be permanent.
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Petersen Precast

Petersen Manufacturing Company (PMC) Concrete and Metal Site Furnishings can provide the strength, flexibility and aesthetic value necessary for commercial or residential projects. Choose from many styles of planters, bollards, tables, trash receptacles, ash urns and drinking fountains. PMC creates site furnishings for world class organizations across the country and around the world. Whether you need just one planter for a small operation, or hundreds of tables and receptacles to address the needs of larger facilities, we have the right products for your particular need. Since 1913, our success speaks for itself.
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Durable Precast Concrete Bollards

Lighted bollards provide security. Durable precast concrete bollards light the way and serve as perimeter protection for unwanted traffic.
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CPBW Concrete and Wood Benches

CPBW concrete and wood benches provide the strength of steel-reinforced concrete and the versatility and aesthetic value of wood. Also, all of our products are available in a wide variety of aggregate textures and colors to put that finishing touch on your project.
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Breckenridge Receptacle

Receptacle made of recycled steel will beautify any landscape. Polyurethane powder-coated metal gives a durable lustrous finish.
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R-OTS Precast Concrete Table

R-OTS precast concrete table is a beautiful way to provide durable outdoor seating that is virtually weather resistant. Available in a variety of colors and finishes.
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Decorative Bollards

Decorative bollards add beautiful security lighting for walkways and building perimeters. Many styles of lighted and unlighted bollards available. Made of reinforced precast concrete for extreme durability. Choose from a variety of colors and exposed aggregate finishes.
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The Campanile Planter

The Campanile Planter - reinforced precast concrete planters that will add beauty to your landscaping for years to come. Many finishes and colors available. Over 200 models to choose from.
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Precast Concrete Planters

Protect perimeters and deter traffic with beautiful precast concrete planters by Petersen Manufacturing. We carry a complete line of site furniture including benches, tables, planters, drinking fountains and bollards. Hundreds of models to choose from. Custom design capabilities.
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