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Address: 284 Visitacion Ave.


City/State/Zip: Brisbane, CA, 94005


Phone: 415-468-1961






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Company Info: Greenlee and Associates is happy to utilize our extensive resources for meadow design consultations and plant sourcing. The Greenlee meadow program formerly available through Greenlee Nursery in Chino recently moved to Northern California. Nonetheless we are excited to provide you with our professional services in sourcing any plant material for your next meadow garden creation.





Leymus triticoides Lagunita™

Leymus triticoides Lagunita™ is a twenty-year-old selection by John Greenlee of native California creeping wild rye that is finally being grown exclusively by select nurseries for the Greenlee Meadow Collection™. Originally discovered on a ranch near the Laguna River in Santa Cruz County. It caught our attention as a low, drought tolerant, colony forming native grass. Growing 12" - 18" high it is distinctly low for a creeping wild rye and a rich green color as well.

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