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Vendor Profile: Netafim USA is the industry leader in water conserving smart irrigation with dripline products for residential and commercial sites sports fields parks medians tennis courts golf courses rooftop gardens and more. Netafim dripline is now manufactured with recycled materials - an industry first.





Techline HCVXR - Award winning (2016 IA People's Choice) dripline

· Long Lasting Protection Throughout the Life Of The Dripline
Cupron copper oxide will not wash off, wear off and does not leach out of the emitter providing superior root intrusion resistance.
· High Check Valve In Each Emitter
The high check valve is great on slopes because it holds back 8.5' of water (elevation change) keeping the dripline charged for even distribution of water with no low emitter drainage.
· Four New Emitter Flow Rates
Achieve maximum design flexibility with four new emitter flow rates - the most options offered in the industry.
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TechLock Fittings

· Simple and Efficient Installation With Reduced Physical Strain
Ergonomic design enables quick field installation and reuse while reducing physical strain on installation crews.
· Industry Leading Pressure Rating - 100psi
Get maximum performance and durability with our industry leading pressure rating and pullout resistance.
· Warranty Ensures Confidence
Specifiers, contractors and distributors will have peace of mind with our warranty - 10 years for subsurface installations and 5 years for surface installations.
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Techline HCVXR

Techline HCVXR landscape dripline infuses Cupron copper oxide directly into the mold of each emitter to provide a root barrier for subsurface drip irrigation systems. It features a high check valve to ensure that each emitter turns on and off at the same time, maximizing application uniformity and holding back up to 8.5' of water when installed on sloping landscapes.
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TechlineCV, installed dripline for landscapes

The industry standard, Techline?? CV is the world??s most widely-installed dripline for landscapes. Techline?? CV is now manufactured with recycled materials, an industry first, and an opportunity to earn LEED credits on landscape installations.
?? For on-surface and sub-surface installations
?? 2 psi check valves in each dripper equalizes application of water
?? Check valves prevent low head drainage up to 4.5 feet
?? Self-flushing throughout the line
?? Physical root barrier protects internal system from root intrusion
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Techline CV is made with recycled material

Techline?? CV is now made with recycled material, offering an opportunity to earn LEED credits on landscape installations. The 17mm flexible tubing is widely used on sports fields, parks and many other public areas where efficient water use and flexible irrigation lines are needed. Techline CV saves 30 to 70 percent of water when compared to overhead sprinklers.
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Techline EZ, dripline for small landscapes

Netafim??s newest product, Techline?? EZ is the industry??s first 12mm dripline for small landscape sites. Techline?? EZ replaces wasteful overhead spray sprinklers in bedding or shrub areas. Easy installation, just two fittings.
?? ???Disappears?? into landscape when covered with mulch
?? Covers up to 1,800 sq ft with just two fittings
?? Easy to convert spray zones to dripline
?? Made with recycled materials
?? Pressure compensating and continually self-flushing
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Techline HCVXR

Netafim's Techline HCVXR is the ONLY landscape dripline that infuses Cupron Copper Oxide directly into the resin of each emitter to provide a long-lasting root barrier for subsurface drip irrigation systems.
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Netafims popular subsurface dripline

Physical root barriers in Techline?? CV micro-emitters protect the tubing from plant and tree root intrusion and are among the reliability features built into Netafim??s popular subsurface dripline. The integral barriers deflect root growth without reliance on chemical applications and help ensure longer dripline performance life and low maintenance. Root intrusion is also less of a concern if recommended dripline run times and frequency schedules are followed, and if the soil is kept moist so roots do not search for water.
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Techline CV, installed dripline for landscapes

Techline?? CV dripline is now manufactured with recycled materials, an industry first and a new opportunity to earn LEED credits.
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Disc rings filter and cleans all dirty water

Disc rings filter and clean all dirty water before it reaches drippers. Automatic backflush sprays and cleans discs and removes all debris.
?? High-effective filtering for dirty and non-potable water
?? Compact pre-assembled unit for easy installation
?? Non-corrosive materials
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Netafim Self-Piercing Drippers

Easy-to-install Self-Piercing Drippers can be inserted into Netafim tubing and are a practical solutions for wide-spaced plantings and trees.
?? No tools required
?? For on-surface or sub-surface installations
?? Anti-siphon and pressure compensating
?? Exclusive TurboNet?? self-cleaning action
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Netafim is the global leader in drip irrigation

With more than 40 years experience, Netafim is the global leader in drip irrigation technology and reliability. Techline?? CV is the specifier??s choice for water savings, low maintenance and worry-free operation. With the industry??s most sophisticated features, including check valves, advanced filtration, continuous self-flushing, pressure-compensation.
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Netafim is the global leader in drip irrigation

Netafim, the global leader in drip irrigation, introduces Techline EZ, the first 12mm on-surface drip system for planting beds, medians and odd-angled sites. Lightweight and easy to handle, Techline EZ installs in a single loop above ground and disappears into the landscape with mulch or ground cover. Made from recycled materials. Self-flushing drippers; worry-free operation!
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Techline CV, 17mm dripline tubing

Physical root barriers in Techline?? CV micro-emitters protect the tubing from plant and tree root intrusion without the use of chemicals. The 17mm dripline tubing also features check valves in each emitter that equalizes the application of water throughout the system and prevents low emitter drainage.
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App calculates and displays project

Techline iPhone or Android program app calculates and displays project specifications and recommends products for efficient dripline installations. Techline dripline features wide range of flow rates, including 0.26 GPH for dense clay soil. Clay absorbs water at much slower rate than loam or sandy soil. Low flow 0.26 GPH allows irrigation to reach root zones more efficiently.
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Techline CV dripline offers a water-saving

With built-in check valves in each emitter to prevent low head drainage, Netafim Techline?? CV dripline offers a water-saving solution for irrigating.
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Netafim Ultrasonic Octave Water Meter

Octave, a technically-advanced ultrasonic water meter that utilizes double-beam sensors to monitor flow, offers a new level of accuracy to measuring flow data. With no moving parts, Octave??s ultrasonic technology reduces maintenance and improves long-term reliability. The meter??s measurement method is based on dual-beam sensors that determine the length of time it takes an ultrasonic wave to travel the distance between the two sensors located in the meter??s body. The sensors alternate as both senders and receivers with the ultrasonic waves travelling both with and against the direction of the flow. The flow rate is determined by the time differences between the two waves.
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Techline EZ, irrigation solution

Landscape contractors who need a fast and easy on surface irrigation solution for mid-sized or odd-shaped sites, find Techline?? EZ can handle the job.
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Web-based landscape smart controllers

Intuitive, web-based landscape smart controllers designed to maximize the water efficiency of any landscape. These controllers set a new precedent for water-use efficiency by determining the unique watering needs of a specific landscape by incorporating both historical and current weather data as well as real-time data from soil moisture sensors.
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Low Volume Control Zone Kit

Low Volume Control Zone Kit ??? a preassembled valve, disc filter and pressure regulator with a compact design (fits in a 12?? valve box), which saves installation and labor costs.
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There is no doubt that drip irrigation saves time, money, and perhaps most importantly, water. Because water is applied directly to the root zone, there is no runoff or water lost to evaporation. Netafim??s Techline family of driplines provides efficient and effective drip irrigation solutions in even the most challenging residential and commercial landscapes.
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Water Meters

All landscapes are affected if irrigation is not consistent and accurate. Netafim Water Meters provide the confidence and assurance that the correct amount of water and nutrients are delivered to the landscape maximizing results. They also allow communication with controllers and measure water usage for effective water management.
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Techline HCVXR Dripline

Techline?? HCVXR Dripline - a revolutionary new dripline which provides superior root intrusion resistance because Cupron copper oxide is infused in the emitter.
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