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Company Info: The team at loves the soul-soothing sounds of a bubbling water feature. That is why we hand-select some of the finest indoor and outdoor water fountains and water features to share with our customers. offers a well-rounded selection of rolling spheresgarden fountainswater walls wall fountains and custom-made fountains that reflect your unique sense of style and personality.





Custom Cylinder Water Feature

This amazing water feature will impress your friends, clients or business partners! Great for outside any office or inside entry way to office, or a large home. Stainless construction. Water from top flows over sides. Can be done in any size. Size shown is 20ft tall x 10ft wide. Retail: $59,500.00. We can build it larger or smaller. Call for quote.

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Custom Water Jet Systems

For all of your water feature projects strives to take the worries off your plate. We offer all accessories needed for your project including nozzles, pumps, drains, lights, auto fill devices, pre-fabricated pump stations, filtration systems and much more.Please view gallery on our site for a few projects our builders have accomplished. Call or email us for a quote.

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Custom Outdoor Rain Curtain

Very unique rustic water walls. Flow is like a curtain of rain. Built with copper for oxidized, rustic look, or bronze to change the look. Comes with pump and catch basin ready to go. You choose your own rocks. 78" tall and 60" wide without basin. Be the talk of the neighborhood!

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Stainless Mesh Water Wall

This masterpiece is made with metal frame and stainless steel mesh water panel for a stunning outdoor water feature. These can be built in any size needed.They come ready to plug and play. Totally set up and self contained. You would only need to dig the trench and purchase the rocks to put over the basin. This example is 6ft tall x 15ft wide. This one is an impressive beast. We can do smaller, less expensive sizes if needed. Call or email for quote of any size!

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World Sphere

World Sphere.

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Large Brown Rolling Sphere

Large Brown Rolling Sphere.

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Grand Lascala

Imagine driving past a home that features an outdoor fountain to rival anything seen in front of mansions and palaces alike. A fountain that features a multitude of waterworks designed in a contemporary style, such as the Grand LaScala, is a dream for some. But it doesn't have to be a dream for you any longer! Bring up the value of your property, while upping your status in your neighborhood, with this spectacular outdoor water fountain. Shoot for the stars, celebrity stars that is, with a fountain as grandiose as the Grand LaScala. Designed using scupper bowls perfectly positioned at five different levels, this fancy fountain is the pinnacle of fine lawn decor. Create an outdoor space with this fantastic focal point as the center piece. By centering your outdoor area with the awe inspiring beauty of this majestic water fountain, your landscape will instantly be elevated to superstar sta

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Classic Lion Pillar Fountain

The regal look of this Classic Lion outdoor fountain is sure to impress guests. Four ornately carved lion heads protrude from a tall pillar, spouting water down to the pool below. At 53-inches tall x 48-inches wide, this nine piece fountain makes a great addition to any garden, courtyard, or other outdoor living space. A relic barro finish provides a weathered, antique aesthetic. Add optional underwater lighting to make this piece a sight to behold after the sun has set.

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Falling Diamonds Corner Fountain

No part of a garden should be left undecorated. The Falling Diamonds Corner Fountain can instantly transform an empty garden or courtyard corner into a beautiful, relaxing oasis. This six-piece outdoor fountain features streaming lines of water that trickle down from the top to the bottom. Once the water reaches the bottom, it separates into several different channels where it gently flows into the large bottom basis. It is a calming, relaxing effect that is a perfect addition to any garden or courtyard.

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Finial Spill in Crested Pool

A gorgeous water fountain can grace your gardens, courtyard, or anywhere else. It is durable enough to be used outside and gorgeous enough to be seated indoors. The Finial Spill Fountain with crested pool is a stunning design that makes it look as though you borrowed one of the fountains from the streets of Italy. The construction is heavy duty and the trickling water can soothe your senses. It is a great addition to any home or business and can be a way to get people talking. It's a low maintenance fountain that can stand the tests of time. It's your chance to add something elegant to your property and with the features of this fountain, you won't be able to go wrong.

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Mountain Falls

Give your outdoor living space a boost of natural style with this lovely Mountain Falls outdoor fountain. This cast stone, multi-tiered piece features a beautiful rock basin. Liquid flows from the top through multiple channels to create several simultaneous waterfalls. If you are searching for a fountain that features a unique and relaxing acoustic sound, then this is the perfect design. At 58-inches tall, it makes a great addition to any garden or patio. Several different stone finishes are available to help you complement your existing landscaping.

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Four Tier Renaissance in Toscana Pool

The impressive Renaissance in Toscana pool fountain by Henri Studios is sure to be the focal point of your outdoor living space. Four ornately carved tiers are stacked from smallest to largest and spill water into a round basin below. Standing a whopping 99-inches tall and 9ft wide, a center column features delicate details for a bit of an Italian look. Guests will gawk in awe over the beauty and charm of this piece, which is quite similar to something you would see on the streets of Rome.

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Cascadia in Dimensions Pool

The geometric shape of this Cascadia in Dimensions pool fountain is certainly a sight to behold. This unique outdoor piece from Henri Studio features a square basin and five tiers for water to spill off of. A pyramid shape and a whopping 93-inch height make this unit a definite marvel. The bottom basin measures 96-inches wide by 96-inches long. Add this piece to your home or office courtyard for a modern appeal that will truly impress guests.

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Spheres Fountain in Crested Pool

The sophisticated look of this Spheres outdoor fountain by Henri Studio will leave your guests in awe. This beautiful piece features five tiered basins that grow in size as they are stacked. Each level of basin appears as though it is delicately balanced on a sphere. At the very top of the fountain, water bubbles out of an additional sphere. This grand piece stands a mesmerizing 81-inches high to create an eye-catching aesthetic perfect for courtyards or any other space you want to add dramatic flair. Shown here in Relic Roho Eligante finish. 81" High 88" Diameter Weighs 1,976 LBS

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Grandeur River Water Wall

As tall and majestic as the natural waterfalls it represents, the Grandeur River Wall offers a stunning entrance for clients or guests. This fountain, which stands at 96", gives the illusion that your wall is overflowing with water. Available in both transparent glass as well as in a mirrored wall, this optical illusion is as amazing to look at as it is relaxing and soothing. As an added bonus, if you elect to rearrange the decor in your home or office, the Grandeur River Wall fountain can easily be moved to another location. The fountain also includes polished river pebbles and comes with an easy-to-follow installation DVD as well as printed instructions. Could be used as outdoor water wall and bury the basin!

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Shown here in Relic Lava Finish. Various stone finishes are available, 1 year limited warranty. Pump and all parts are included for assembly and installation. Ships 4-6 weeks after ordering.

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Waterfall Log Fountain

With its natural log look and soothing rushing water sound, Waterfall Log Lighted Outdoor Fountain is a beautiful way to replace unwanted noise with tranquility. The waterfall design of this fountain is crafted of durable cast stone in a rustic finish that adds natural beauty and soothing sound to your patio or garden.

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Three Tiered Leonesco

Enhance your garden, pool, or patio area with this gorgeous three-tier Leonesco in Toscana pool fountain. Designed to give you the impression you are strolling through the square of an Old World village, this ornately sculpted piece features durable cast stone construction. Available in several finishes, the fountain is a great way to add charm to virtually any space. Select optional underwater lights add extra ambiance and beauty to your outdoor living space. Show here in Relic Lava finish. Dimensions: 92″ Height x 103″ Diameter

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Amazonia Falls

Beautiful waterfalls can be found all throughout the Amazon, but most people rarely get to see them. Now, they no longer have to remain hidden. The Amazonia Custom Wall Fountain brings the beauty of a rushing, cascading waterfall indoors so anyone can experience it at any moment. This beautiful indoor wall fountain features a gorgeous painting that depicts a massive waterfall that is located in a hidden jungle alcove. The painting is done on a material known as Lexan, which is extremely durable and is built to last. Using this type of material will prevent the colors of the painting from fading and allow you to enjoy this wall fountain for a number of years. Can be done as a floor fountain. Great for outdoor patios!

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Avignon Fountain

The Avignon Fountain is 52" tall by 52" wide. Total weight is 932 pounds. Includes UL-listed pump. No plumbing is needed. Water recirculates within the fountain. The black, six-foot cord plugs into any standard 3-prong electrical outlet. Cast stone and concrete construction Shown in Aged Limestone (AL)

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Deep Creek Falls Wall Fountain

The striking look of this Deep Creek Falls wall fountain makes it a wonderful addition to any home or office. Featuring a wonderful combination of stonework with a luxurious water feature, this contemporary piece offers untamed elegance at an affordable price. Nine halogen lights give off a beautiful glow as the fountain spills into a pile of polished stones at the bottom of the fountain. An included dimmer switch allows you to turn down the lights to enjoy a softer ambience as water spills down the three stone panels or crank them up to feature the fountain as an eye-catching art piece. Choose between four stone options, including feather stone, natural slate, glass, or authentic marble in a range of lovely colors. You may even opt to add your company's logo to the face of the fountain for an additional fee.

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Angella in Toscana

The Angela in Toscana Pool Fountain consists of 12 pieces and comes made with great detail. It combines a nine-foot diameter Toscana Pool with an easy-fit cast stone surround walls with a premium, one-piece fiberglass bowl. In the classical style of European water fountains, this lovely fountain will bring pleasure to both your eyes and ears. The sounds of flowing water are relaxing enough to make your daily woes disappear!

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The Greeks of ancient history would wholeheartedly approve of this Triton outdoor fountain from Henri Studio. This 3-piece unit depicts the mythological messenger of the sea blowing into a large conch shell. His merman tail is intricately carved to look as though it is curled underneath him. Water spills from the shell into the scalloped pool basin below. At 61-inches high, this piece is an eye-catching and unique addition to any garden or patio.

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With its striking artistic sculpture, this Henri Studio Sedona Lighted Outdoor Fountain creates a modern art garden. Blending dramatic water action, light and sound, this artistic Henri fountain will beautify your patio or garden, day and night.

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Stainless Sphere

Stainless Sphere

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