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Address: 5705 Commander Dr.


City/State/Zip: Arlington, TN, 38002-0587


Phone: 901-867-0037


FAX: 901-867-4008




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Company Info: Whether your fountains are for instant refreshment or maintenance control we build products that meet your user demands and needs. Most Dependable Fountains recently introduced a beautiful new catalog featuring a full line of products with helpful information with regard to specifications drawings. These exciting new products are a DIRECT result of market requests... and we are pleased to offer them to you!





Hand Wash Station Fountain

Introducing the new Hand Wash Station which features a metered valve that runs up to 20 seconds; a heavy duty stainless steel spout; a 10-inch pedestal; and 8 free colors.

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Spray & Play Pet Comfort Station

Spray & Play Pet Comfort Station is the perfect addition to existing park or to more than 600 Pet Parks across the county. Features a multi leash hook and metered spray operated by push bar.

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Aggregate Chilled Drinking Fountain

Offering the new Aggregate Chilled Drinking Fountain MDF 3600, which features both visual and practical to the outdoor industry.

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Designed for the smaller parks

New MDF Model 200!! Designed for the smaller parks, campgrounds and budgets. This new economical fountain is an important addition to your recreational area. The traditional MDF construction is standard on this fountain with very few exceptions. The new MDF Model 200 features include a steel pipe pedestal; stainless steel bowl with overlap; maintenance free reinforced nylobraid tubing; painted with a chip resistant polyurethane enamel in one of our seven standard colors; variable height mounting; and the Most Dependable Fountains Reputation.

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Multi-functional Foot & Shower Tower

The multi-functional Foot & Shower Tower with attached Drinking Fontain combines the high quality construction of two products into one. The fountain arm is mounted at ADA (wheelchair) height. The shower is a popular standard model. Great for beaches, volleyball courts, and other recreational areas. Available in Surface Mount or Direct Bury.

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Uncommonly beautiful shower

Introducing another uncommonly beautiful shower with new model 590, featuring four shower heads and one-foot wash head. Available in nine colors.

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New product for vintage settings

If this drinking fountain brings back nostalgic memories of the past, then we??ve succeeded in offering a new product for Vintage Settings. Details on the fountain are intricate. A historical look with modern appeal, Model 2002 SM (ADA) is a new product for vintage settings. Made from one piece weld construction of ANSI 380 aluminum alloy. Intricate details and uncompromising quality. Indulge yourself in nostalgia.

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Our BBQ 3. The toughest grill in town

The toughest grill in town. Our BBQ 3 accommodates three families at once. Call us today for more information.

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Safe-Stream Bubbler, Combats health issues

Combats the health issues related to the public use of common area drinking fountains. The secure o-ring seal provides a safe and protective environment against chemicals.

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Model 570 Mister Drinking Fountain

Most Dependable Fountains, Inc. introduces the new Model 570 Mister Drinking Fountain. This combination unit was introduced to our product line as a result of customer demand. The Mister Drinking Fountain is a perfect fit for multi-plex recreation areas with heavy traffic. The 570 cools off and refreshes the user on the inside and the outside. *The Mister has a slow closing metered valve which can be set to run up to two minutes. *The drinking fountain meets ADA and has a quick opening self closing valve. *This model is available in seventeen power-coated colors.

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Chilled aggregate drinking fountain

Most Dependable Fountains, Inc. The front approach ADA ???chilled?? aggregate drinking fountain: the position is as important as the cold water it provides. Recommended for areas w/ high sand & salt & areas w/ aggregate site furnishings.

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The new foot activated Pet Fountain

The new foot activated Pet Fountain is taking the pet park in a whole new direction. Our dog models agree the new Model 350 provides a long drink of water for a thirsty dog. Built with integrity, it is ready to find a home in your local pet park. Choose from 17 colors to enhance your area with a blast of color and a clever addition.

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Bottle filler features a sensor activator

Starting 2011 with an exciting new product line! New wall mounted Red Eye series bottle filler features a sensor activator to provide hands free operation!

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800 Series Sand Free ADA drinking fountain

The 800 Series Sand Free ADA drinking fountains works well in areas dealing with high sand and gravel content. There is no PVC drain to clog.

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Outdoor chilled drinking fountain series

Offering a new outdoor chilled drinking fountain series, model 440-12 SM. It is available in four models, stainless and standard steel and 17 colors. Easy to install, maintain, order, remove for winter.

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Outdoor refreshment for all sports activities

All Sports Mister - outdoor refreshment for all sports activities. Play hard and cool off under refreshing mist.

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Original crowd pleaser

Original crowd pleaser, introduced parks and recreation industry to this drinking fountain as a solution to satisfy the thirst of three children at once. Model 493 meets ADA standards.

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Outdoor drinking fountains

Outdoor drinking fountains have to be held to different standards than indoor fountains. They must be dependable, vandal resistant, low maintenance, meet ADA requirements and attractive to landscapes. Ours go above and beyond those standards.

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Economy HandWash StationModel 625

Economy HandWash Station ??? Model 625 is available in the customer??s choice of 17 standard colors. Not only will it improve the sanitary conditions, but the quality of the unit are sure to be a positive addition.

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Features a Misting side with 4 misting heads

Public areas require equal access and enjoyment for all. The New Model 572 Misting Station features a Misting side with 4 misting heads and a High and Low ADA drinking fountain. Misting side has a metered valve set to run up to 5 minutes.

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Uniquely designed Pet Drinking Fountain

The Model 850 SMSS uniquely designed Pet Drinking Fountain for multiple canine usage! The trough style accommodates ???the Pack?? while eliminating maintenance issues. The Model 850 SMSS comes standard in stainless steel and 17 colors!

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Features a sensor-activated Bottle Filler

The ???Refreshment Station?? (10155 SMSS) features a sensor-activated Bottle Filler with filtered water, a Drinking Fountain and a Pet Fountain. Enjoy the outdoors even more with a refreshing stop at our station. Call today for more information!

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The 940 fountain is an alternative design

This fountain is also available in stainless steel. The 940 is an alternative design which features the sleek, yet heavy-duty sculptured ADA arm for maximum stability and quality. The surface mount installation is designed to be anchored to a concrete pad with anchor bolts through a mounting plate that is welded to the fountain.

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New EZ Install Wall Mount 480

New EZ Install Wall Mount 480 comes standard with the mounting plate.??The plate guides the installer by providing easy access to the mounting bolts.

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Bottle filler and the drinking fountain

Model 10150 SMSS - The bottle filler and the drinking fountain feature filtered water and a plaque mounted to the fountain, informs the park user of the feature. The sanitary orifice for the bottle filler along with the filtered water promotes usage to the former water bottle purchasers.

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Big Dog-Little Dog fountain

Big Dog-Little Dog fountain serves both. Size matters when you are bending your body way down for a drink of water at the dog park.

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Wall Mounted Hi-Lo Drinking Fountain

Introducing the new Wall Mounted Hi-Lo Drinking Fountain with Recessed Bottle Filler! The 10485 WM features a water filter and a mounting plate for easy installation. Visit our website for more details!

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May 22, 2018, 9:49 pm PDT

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