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Address: 2101 Enterprise Drive NE


City/State/Zip: Leland, NC, 28451


Phone: 910-791-2202


FAX: 910-791-0566




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Company Info: As the premier manufacturer and trusted experts in stainless steel fabrication Bradfords world-class products are featured in commercial facilities and homes throughout the United States and internationally. Bradford Products excels in providing all your commercial or custom home projects with pool spa or water feature needs. Our products are made of leak-proof stainless steel. Three finish options are available all stainless partially tiled or full tile. Ideally suited for elevated or on-grade installations Bradford combines aesthetics with form and function. The majority of work is custom and we offer expertise in conceptual design engineering manufacturing and installation. With over 36 years of fabrication experience Bradford has supplied the architectural community with pool or hot tub deck projects and outdoor living areas as works of art that mesh with the surrounding landscape environment. Stainless steel is a green and sustainable building material. It is known for its longevity and durability. Bradfords products come with a 25-year warranty.





Classic Collection Spas

Choose from eight Classic Collection Spas from Bradford Products. Classic spas come with a partial tile finish (tile on top lip, waterline, floor, and benches/steps) and are also available in all stainless or full tile finish. Choose remote or frame mounted equipment with other attractive options. Backed by the Bradford 25-year warranty.

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Custom Stainless Steel Pools

As the premier manufacturer and trusted experts in stainless steel fabrication, Bradford's pools, spas, and water features are focal points in residential and commercial facilities throughout the world. Finishes available are; all stainless, partially tiled or full tile. Bradford's products come with a 25-year warranty against leakage.

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Pool / Spa Combinations

Backyard living at its finest! Elegant glass mosaic tile covers the entire stainless steel shell of this pool/spa combo. For added effect, a sheer descent waterfall flows from the spa wall into the vanishing edge pool.

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Custom Commercial Spas

Stunning glass walled spas complete the private cabana experience at this resort hotel. Featuring vanishing edges with acrylic viewing panels, these vessels provide the ultimate in relaxation and entertainment. Accent spa lighting adds the final touch to this inviting hardscape.

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Bradford Spa

Though the exotic setting does most of the work here, a Bradford spa is a complement to any private villa. Sitting over salt water, the marine grade stainless steel shell is warranted against pitting or corrosion to the point of perforation. This 10 jet spa adds to the overall experience at this waterfront locale.

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Classic Residential Spas

What better way to enjoy what nature has so beautifully provided than with a classic Bradford spa? Numerous standard designs and elegant shapes all allow further customization and configurations. Stainless steel shells withstand all weather and temperature environments.

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Swimming Pools

A prime example of "design-build" on site. This roof top pool was assembled directly onto the hotel's existing rooftop beams using pre-fabricated, engineered components. Standard framing practices could not be used, so Bradford designed the floor plates to be secured directly to the existing beams while maintaining structural integrity of the pool walls and gutter system.

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Large Scale Assembly

Due to the sheer size and configuration of some pools, it is more efficient and cost effective to assemble, tile and plumb the pool on site. Prior to this, each panel is precision laser cut and temporarily assembled in the factory under controlled conditions. The panels are then disassembled and shipped for an "on-site" build. Skilled fabrication techniques including welding, tiling, and plumbing, ensure watertight integrity for these elaborate resort pools.

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Elevated Installations

Due to the leak-proof nature of a stainless steel shell, Bradford pools are perfect for elevated installations. Whether above living space, retail space or mechanical space, ownership can rest assured knowing they have a stainless steel shell covered by Bradford's unparalleled 25-year warranty. This vanishing edge SwimSpa blends seamlessly with the pool deck overlooking Boston Commons.

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Concept Design

From concept through completion, Bradford delivers. It's hard to tell the concept drawing (top) from the finished product (bottom) and that's exactly what you want. Personalize the bather experience by adding custom jet configurations and unique design elements. Bradford is your aquatic designer, pool consultant, and manufacturer, all under one roof.

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Residential Rooftop Acrylic

In a seaside or nautical setting? This vanishing edge pool with acrylic wall and "real" boat structure mimics a life at sea. Complementing its themed environment beautifully, this highly custom installation allows owners to fully realize the potential of the stunning rooftop location.

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All Stainless Residential Pool

This custom, all stainless steel finish pool/spa combo is perfect for lakeside living. The vanishing edge pool provides unobstructed views of the lake, while underwater seating promotes social gatherings for further enjoyment. Venture across the floating platforms to gain access to the hot tub and experience the ultimate in relaxation.

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Specialty Commercial Pools

Clear walls and viewing windows are becoming increasingly popular in pool design. Advanced engineering and manufacturing techniques are key elements in designing these types of specialty pools. Bradford has proven it's expertise in producing the most challenging vessels. This tiled stainless steel pool features a one-piece, 35-foot vanishing edge acrylic wall.

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Large Scale Commercial Pools

Palm garden landscaping surrounds the 6,000 sqft. fully tiled, stainless steel pool. Bradford's tiling methods allow any design, theme, or logo to be incorporated into the vessel. Shallow depth areas at either ends of the pool make ideal places for lounge chairs. Cooler waters can be found at the center of the pool, where it slopes from 3' to 5' water depth.

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Water Walls

Create a visual statement for your lobby or atrium! A waterwall with accent lighting, textured glass, decorative agate stones and stainless steel basin, is a calming entity for any space. A large glass covered stainless steel waterwall and reflecting pond with cultural bamboo is a conversation piece hard to ignore.

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Calming Reflecting Pools

Bradford's design of this reflecting pool combines palm landscaping with decorative columns, vase, and sculpted lotus flowers. The intricate, colorful butterfly mosaic tile pattern on the pool floor perfectly accent what stands above them. Only the imagination limits what can be achieved through design and tiling techniques.

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Custom Stainless Steel Water Features

Creativity and expert design by Bradford. These custom stainless steel rain showers measure six feet in diameter. Ideal for baja deck pool levels, multiple bathers will enjoy the cooling experience as much as the visual display of falling water.

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Water Features in Pools and Spas

Bradford's highly customizable vessels can be accented with water features to enrich any environment. Stainless steel beautifully complements a variety of construction landscape materials. Sheer descent waterfalls and leaping laminar jets, tie together the slate deck and coping, along with the stacked ledgestone facades, of this hot tub and pool installation.

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Stainless Steel Spas

Bradford Spas provide the ultimate combination of aesthetics and relaxation. Custom fabricated stainless steel spas will blend seamlessly into any surrounding. When it comes time to entertain or unwind, a Bradford Spa will provide endless enjoyment. Whether finished in partial tile, full tile, or all stainless, Bradford spas will meet your design and artistic vision.

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Custom Swimming Pools

Stunningly beautiful, Bradford Pools make any outdoor living area a conversation piece. Vanishing edges, full perimeter overflow gutters, custom design, full tile, accent lighting are just a few features offered by Bradford to enhance your aquatic setting. Stainless steel shells are leak-proof, long lasting, low maintenance and eco-friendly.

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